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Post Beta Keys & Offers in Here



  • SanelessSaneless Posts: 36Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by EternalPhoei already crossed the line to pay for a game which i havnt tested before so... i dont want to pay that amound for just testing a game just to maybe dont even like it
    watch a bunch of videos that are out, if you liked D2 you will like this game your money helps the game progress and means it will be released!
  • rygar218rygar218 altamonte springs, FLPosts: 332Member Uncommon

    If anyone has a spare beta key I would like to try this out looks fun tried Diablo 3 wasnt all that impressed but I hear good things about this one.


  • tenohtenoh veszprem, AKPosts: 16Member Uncommon
    If anyone has spear key , i'd like to try this game as well! ^_^ looks neet!
  • tuppe99tuppe99 Dark side of the moonPosts: 278Member Uncommon
    Anybody with a spare key they would like to donate to a worthy cause (me having fun ;))?
  • Insane666Insane666 gdanskPosts: 65Member Uncommon

    wouldnt mind a beta key myself neither;p

    thx in advance

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  • NaughtyPNaughtyP Edmonton, ABPosts: 793Member Uncommon

    Just found out about this game... would love a beta key! It looks awesome...

    Enter a whole new realm of challenge and adventure.

  • PunkmythPunkmyth idyllwild, CAPosts: 2Member

    would love a key if anyone has a spare.

  • shadow417shadow417 antwerpen, NYPosts: 170Member

    Anyone got a key left ?

  • berlightberlight almadaPosts: 161Member Uncommon

    Hello everyone,

    i got 3 Path of Exile and 6 Firefall invites to trade. Im interested in other games key/invites.

    Pm me with the game you have to trade and ill reply to you when i can (working atm)

    Thank you for your attention,


    Beta tester maniac

  • LinaksLinaks RegensburgPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    I am trading Path of Exile Key for Torchlight 2 Key or Firefall Key.

    PM me

  • ThyromThyrom NewcastlePosts: 37Member

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether anyone would be kind enough to send me a beta key?

    Many Thanks,


    Currently playing; nothing

    Previously played; Runescape Classic, Runescape, WoW.

    Tried but failed; EvE, EQ2, Guild Wars, Darkfall, UO, DDO, LoTRO, FLYFF, Atlantica Online, Ryzom

  • SpallieroSpalliero Fresno, CAPosts: 147Member

    Would love to get a beta key.

    Thank you

    Sic Luceat Lux

  • PlutonasPlutonas AthensPosts: 32Member

    The game isn't total free to play?

  • ThrennieThrennie LeedsPosts: 107Member

    After hearing about this game and checking out the webpage, I would love to give this game a try if anyone has a beta key that they could send me.

    Thank you.

  • anekbahanekbah BratislavaPosts: 1Member

    I would like to trade Salem beta key(crafting mmo) for path of exile key. if anyone is interested pm me

  • vwmafiavwmafia utPosts: 21Member Uncommon

    Trading my path of exile for Salem


    I would love to get a beta key. Thanks...

  • differentonedifferentone istanbulPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    Hello everyone

    i have torchlight2 and firefall beta acces.

    If you want to trade with your POE key, please pm me.

  • felyxfelyx KecskemetPosts: 33Member Uncommon

    Hi, if anyone has a spare beta key I would very much like to play this game, thank you!

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Plutonas
    The game isn't total free to play?

    Yes because develeopers are in business to lose money.

  • KilraneKilrane WAPosts: 302Member Uncommon

    If anyone has a beta key to spare I would like one.  Thanks in advance!

  • daggereyedaggereye Drobeta Turnu SeverinPosts: 19Member

    I found someone somewhere else, but thx.

  • SpatterCatSpatterCat Seattle, WAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    Have a D3 guest pass I'd like to trade for a PoE key. Thanks!

  • Bipi345Bipi345 Lambton, QCPosts: 1Member
    I'm aware I am not extra active on forums, but I have a Torchlight 2 and a Dota 2 Beta keys to trade for a PoE one, PM.

  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Posts: 1,051Member Uncommon

    I have a firefall invite I would be willing to trade for a Path of Exile, PM if interested.

    No signature, I don't have a pen

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