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Suffering from a condition....

gunthologygunthology new brunswick, NJPosts: 50Member

as the title says im suffering from a condition known ass mmorpg burnout .. any type of mmorpg i touch i get bored the first day so i decided to let go of mmorpgs for a bit until the release of u know what game , so my question is what are some fun populated multiplayer games out there for me to play .. f2p but if i have to pay i dont mind 15$ or less , but for me to pay it has to be well populated ...

please don't recommend those shitty f2p shooter there all the same xD i dont mind 2D graphics either , i really enjoyed terraria until that became boring as well ... im also looking forward to cubeworld and salem but they still havnt released =( , but yeah i need a fun game recommend me some!


oh yeah and please dont tell me to go outside because i work and go to school THANKS!


  • dubyahitedubyahite Lincoln, NEPosts: 2,483Member Common
    Tribes: Ascend Yes it is a f2p shooter but it is very very good. It's not "the same" as you put it. Fast paced, high skill, excellence. Better than most recent pay shooters. Trust me.

    Otherwise, I don't know in the f2p non mmo area. Can't think of many.

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  • gunthologygunthology new brunswick, NJPosts: 50Member
    thanks for the reply . i tried tribes but i dont have a quad core to support the graphics 2.5ghz intel dual core ... and tribes didnt really stick out to me =/
  • Tomm-eTomm-e KentPosts: 27Member

    If you have Steam, check out the F2P section, a good mix of MMOs and high quality F2P games. Now secondly if you want people recommendations you might need to say what type of games you like other than MMOs, otherwise people will just recommend any random game, but I might as well add a few more :)

    Realm of the Mad God: Hack & Slash, simple but fun and more in-depth than people think.

    SMNC(Super Monday Night Combat): Shooter but mixed with the DOTA IP, can perform badly on a low spec machine though, but is a very high quality game.

    Lastly it might not be "MMO burnout" but just you need a simple break from games fullstop, taking a good break from any games can do a lot of good, when I have a break I typically am pumped and ready to jump into most games and devour all the content they have to offer.


  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    I had a similar experience about a year ago, I couldnt touch an MMO wthout hitting quit 5 mins later.

    I decided not to even try play an MMO for 2 weeks, I unpacked my old PS2 and started playing my old RPG and action games.

    After 2 weeks I went back and havent got bored of MMO's since.

    Maybe this is something you should try.

    Or if ya have the money, book a holiday to a nice sunny country for 2 weeks :)

  • AmarantharAmaranthar OhioPosts: 2,872Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by gunthology

    as the title says im suffering from a condition known ass mmorpg burnout ..

    Ass MMORPG burnout is a huge problem. There's just too many Ass MMORPGs out there, and not much else.


    Once upon a time....

  • dronfwardronfwar Shitty, DEPosts: 316Member

    Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars

    Massive multiplayer battles with up to 250 players.


    Binary Domain. Its a new game and has multiplayer.

  • LiancaLianca Bloomingburg, OHPosts: 10Member

    If computer is an issue, and you don't want a shooter. Why not give one of the IRE MUDs a try, I know most folks will laugh at playing a text game in these days of Hi Def and mad graphics, but seriously, don't knock them till you try them!


    Achaea is one of the more populated games, and I find a whole lot of fun, challenging in ways you'd not expect. It's also free to play, with most of the perks you can pay for also available via in game methods.

    Go on, try it!

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