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GW2 - One hour and a half of 1080p gameplay bliss.

GamerToonsGamerToons Chaska, MNPosts: 30Member

Hey guys,

I had an awesome weekend in the Beta Event.

Here is a video that just finished uploading of all sorts of gamplay. An hour and a half of it all in 1080p!

You will see Crafting, WvWvW, exploration, lots of PvE events and bosses.

I hope you enjoy:


  • Thank you - it's easing my withdrawal symptoms as I write this.
  • CorthagathCorthagath KotkaPosts: 291Member
    thanks for the video, seems like you could run the game better than my computer :P
  • GamerToonsGamerToons Chaska, MNPosts: 30Member
    Haha yeah I have a beast of a computer, but with 1080p and fraps I was pushing it. GW2 client needs some graphics optimization too, but that is what betas are for. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.
  • GamerToonsGamerToons Chaska, MNPosts: 30Member

    I'm really itching to play the game at this point.

    Here is another Video of some more gameplay:


    This is from a Necro's stand point. Some of the personal quest and killing a huge boss Spider in the apple orchard.

  • judex99judex99 Jacksonville, CAPosts: 392Member Uncommon

    Ton of corpses at the begining... i like it.

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