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Monthly Subscription vs. Cash Shop



  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,954Member Legendary

    I only pay $99/year for my subscription only game (that's $8.25/mo) which is less than I've spent on my cash shop "f2p" game this year.  For me, it's mostly about game play and total cost of play.

    Gaming is my hobby, specifically mmo gaming, so I rather enjoy the subscription model, where there is no cash shop, more than any other model.  However I play some hybrid or f2p games.  For the latter, if it isn't all about me shopping in the game store and I can enjoy  the entirety of game play for a reasonable price, then I don't mind the shop.  When the game becomes all about the shop (an example of that for me would be LotRO) then I don't play it.

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  • LiancaLianca Bloomingburg, OHPosts: 10Member
    I much much prefer my f2p MUD from Iron Realms. there is an option for extra stuff and a subscription with bonuses if you want, or you can earn all your loot in game. Sometimes I don't have the means to pay out each month and that's fine.When I can treat myself I will. My game won't lockdown on me if I can't make the subscription fee though.
  • waynejr2waynejr2 West Toluca Lake, CAPosts: 7,280Member Epic

    Originally posted by Banaghran

    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    hmm .. what hidden agenda? It is not like the cash shop is a SECRET when it is plastered everywhere. I much rather have a cash shop that i can choose NOT to buy from. 


    The choice is the important part and why this subject is so complicated, and varies from game to game, case to case.

    The differences are sometimes subtle, f2p playing with paying guys, or on separate servers, the inability to progress past a certain point without cs items and so on, then the advertised "free to play" becomes blurred and foggy, "free to play(but not forever)", "free to play(but not complete)", and people feel cheated, even if you can argue that "free to play" means just "free to play" and nothing else, making rift f2p :)

    Flame on!


    You are so wrong.  Free to play means you get some level of play for free. No where does it say everything for free.  People are just greedy and want everything for nothing.  

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  • draxxisdraxxis los angeles, CAPosts: 1Member
    It does seem like the F2P model is starting to take over, but I much rather prefer the subscription base style over the F2P. I don't really like the cash shop style mainly because they will keep exploiting thier shop by adding new items almost every week or every month. Plus IMHO the subscription based gmes tend to have more quality overall.
  • spaceportspaceport CatalunyaPosts: 405Member

    Monthly Subscription hands down, games with cash shop instead of subs always end up being more expensive to play.

    Of course you could always play a cash shop game without buying anything, but it lowers the quality of the game overall without convenience items, and all the convenience items that would be available for free in sub based games awlays end up being more expensive than 15$ a month.

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