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Favorite Class?



  • V-L-A-DV-L-A-D NicosiaPosts: 50Member
    In GW2 there is no any profession with any advantage so its all about the style. I like most melee combat and strength so I went for a warrior, I like him a lot. Warrior have some great abilities like charge, bash etc, that makes him very easy to move around the battleground. So for me will be a Norn warrior for main character and a Human thief as alternative, he also have a lot of useful skills that makes him special to me.

    Sorry for bad English. :)

  • ShariShari WolverhamptonPosts: 743Member Uncommon
    tbh I'm gonna find it very hard to choose a class. I loved Enigineer, Thief, Ranger, Necro and I want to test the Elementalist some more next beta weekend, they seemed to be lacking in dps from what I saw although I didn't level one very high).


  • I didn't like Guardian or Engineer but also didn't spend a ton of time on them.

    Favorites for the weekend - Elementalist, Necromancer, and Ranger.

    Want to try next time - Thief, Warrior

    I was getting frustrated with Guardian and the zerg - was hard to even see some mobs due to the crowds so hard to get into melee range - will try it again probably several months after launch.  Engineer was just kind of one dimensional - there again it is very utility based and you get them later, so probably didn't give it a good chance.

    Necromancer beat out Elementalist as my favorite until Sunday evening when I made a Ranger - if they could just fix the pet problems Ranger will be my main.  There again my mind could completely change during next BWE:)


  • monarc333monarc333 New York, NYPosts: 622Member Uncommon
    Thief all day everyday. Had a blast playing him. Runner up would prob be Eng or Necro.
  • LobotomistLobotomist ZagrebPosts: 5,497Member Rare

    Originally posted by dadante666

    Originally posted by Kuppa

    I tried Elementalist, Mesmer and Thief this beta. Focused the most on the Ele. I was planning to roll a Mesmer or Thief on release....until I played the Ele. I LOVE it, the attunements are an awesome mechanic. TBH the mesmer was a little underwhelming but Im sure its because its one of the harder classes to master. For the next beta I will focus on a different class.

    TRUE , mesmer required alot of movement and utilitie and skills to make it work but i feel very strugle playing mesmer  i play  it more than well to know  all ineed to do and it the hard class to play but they really need to fix dps on mesmer  even clone need alitter more hp and dps cause clone really dont help as much  not even take agroo ;/ ,i play ele and its great  and necro ,but mesmer really dissapoint me cause i was thinking on make him mi main but once i play him iwas meh ;/ even in lvl 14 whit 144 power and his dps wasnt that great  whit greatsword. now mi necro have 121 power and axe weapon 2 skill do 260 dmg  on lvl 18 wish is great

    Did you try playing Staff ?

    Your main attacks puts damaging debuffs on enemy while buffing you with positive buffs. This mostly does DOT and armor weaknes on enemy. Slowly draining him away.

    Your second attack spawns tons of your copies doing the same attack. Making multiple debuffs all working in same time.

    Your third attack spawns fantasm that does damage depending on how many debuffs are on enemy.

    Plus you have area of effect spawning mean damaging debuff , you have damage shield that hurts enemy.

    Couple this with invisibility for escape. And shatter when you have a lot of illusions on the field (and you can have tens of them)


    Nothing that uses melee cant even touch you.

    I was killing 5 levels higher elite monsters alone...

    Damage is not as fast as Thief.  But its steady and nothing can touch you...


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