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TERA Headstart Buddy Codes!



  • JimmydeanJimmydean Ypsilanti, MIPosts: 1,270Member

    Originally posted by Sinaku

    The First TWO people to PM me (already gave my other to a friend) will get a key from me. Thanks all and have fun!
    Edit: Both are still available.

    Check your mail sir =D

  • ganryu1984ganryu1984 Defiance, OHPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    First time posting here...3 codes left, have at it.


    TERA Head Start Buddy Codes:




  • HysonHyson Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 10Member Uncommon



  • Jeep89JVJeep89JV Rio Rancho, NMPosts: 2Member

    Originally posted by ganryu1984

    First time posting here...3 uses left on this code, have at it.
    TERA Head Start Buddy Codes:



    Awesome thanks a lot ganryu1984. 



  • ganryu1984ganryu1984 Defiance, OHPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Np, enjoy :)
  • bonoharveybonoharvey Bronx, NYPosts: 10Member Uncommon

    If any keys are available I would appreciate it. 


  • Az2002roAz2002ro Phoenix, AZPosts: 159Member
    I too would love one :)  Thanks
  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,241Member Uncommon
    I need 2 buddy codes if possible. I had 3 of my own but none seem to work.
  • MysticEmpMysticEmp Woonsocket, RIPosts: 4Member
    If possible, I would also like a head start buddy key :) Thank you in advance. I will make sure to play with you, if that is what you want as well. :)
  • FiredornFiredorn Montreal, QCPosts: 93Member

    Whoever needs one, PM me.  You don't even have to play with me.  None of my buddies will be playing this title...seems like I'm gonna have to make new ones :P


    EDIT: My 3 codes are gone.  Good luck to everyone else who needs one.

  • zeostezeoste BriggPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    anymore buddy codes going about? i would be very grateful i really wanna test the game out
  • xenoclixxenoclix PerthPosts: 298Member Uncommon

    I would really appreciate a buddy code to try out TERA. I have been stung quite a few times with new MMOs that have been released and want to really give this game a go to try out the differences compared to others (especially the combat). Want to aproach this game with a open mind!

    If possible PM myself!

    Many thanks!

  • reef22reef22 Phoenix, AZPosts: 85Member Uncommon



    You guys are too quick for me to grab

    Any nice person mind PM me an NA buddy key that would be greatly appreciated.



  • DrannyDranny BarnsleyPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    LF EU buddy Key if any are flying around.
  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon

    any buddy codes please pm me, I appreciate it!

       never mind I bit the bullit and am downloading as we speak

  • LordRelicLordRelic clearfield, UTPosts: 281Member
    A buddy key would be Nice if anyone has a spare.. I preordered but never got a key =( 
  • kikinchazkikinchaz UKPosts: 561Member
    Does anyone happen to have a US buddy code spare? I'm from the UK but after Frogster's reputation and their already apparant lack of communication I'm keen to just hop on board with the En Masse version. I'd really like to try see how the US servers are first for a UK guy before dropping down cash though.


  • SunYamSunYam Beckley, WVPosts: 133Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by LordRelic

    A buddy key would be Nice if anyone has a spare.. I preordered but never got a key =( 

    If you pre-ordered from TERA's website you have to go to your account page. Should be a place in there that has you link the pre-order to your account.

  • helthroshelthros Miami, FLPosts: 1,449Member Uncommon

    Hello friends,


    I post these to my alliance in EVE Online first but I don't know if any of them were claimed since no one responded to the thread.


    Tips - Try to get to lvl 20 and try out the group stuff to really see what the game has to offer. Mess around with different classes in the Prologue so you get an idea of how they work before you commit if you are uncertain.


    NA Service






  • SunYamSunYam Beckley, WVPosts: 133Member Uncommon

    How do you know if codes you posted were ever used?

    If mine haven't been used there's 3 of them at the bottom of page 7.

  • mmorpgmanermmorpgmaner Kent, WAPosts: 244Member

    They were used SunYam. I tried em just a minute a go because I'm still in need of one, and none worked. Thanks anyways!!

    If anyone could PM me a key ^,^ haha

  • gorro187gorro187 Posts: 215Member Uncommon
    Does anyone have a spare key? Im on the edge considering buying the game. I want to hit level 20 and see how it feels.
  • Damage99Damage99 Upstate, NYPosts: 201Member Uncommon
    Anymore keys available?   If any are available and you could PM me one I would really appreciate it!
  • AliceKayeAliceKaye Marietta, GAPosts: 838Member Uncommon
    Looking for one for a friend if anyone could message me an unused one, we'd be most appreciative.
  • SkeetzSkeetz North Pole, ONPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    2 more headtsart codes!


    Last day for headstart - ends midnite Mon PST.

    edit: This is for NA.





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