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To Lotro, or not to Lotro?



  • RainBringerRainBringer AucklandPosts: 150Member

    Well the actual leveling of LIs was only in part what I was talking about. Ive still got millions of iXP runes sitting in the vault of my inactive account, some really big runes from decomposing lvl 65 1st ages (the higher rolls of xp) and some won from the lottos.


    But the problem about grinding that I wanted to point out is that you can Never be sure about how your LI will turn out and might end up grinding for months at lvl cap trying to get the LI of your choice. Sure now  you can switch and swap skills using scrolls, but to get that you`ll need to level a LI and decompose it (or buy it off the shop yea?) and even then when you slot the new skill on the LI, it starts at tier2, so theres another huge grind to get enough upgrade scrolls (forgot the actual name) to max that tier out in order to save points.

    And you`ll never know if a LI starts out with just 3 majors or more unless you level it up to 31 or something right? Theres another grind. 

    And say, if the LI rolls out with some really horrible skills for your style of play then you are left with the option to dump it or suck it up and work on new skills/scrolls to make it game worthy (my main was a captain so there were a lot of skills that would slot on my LIs but only few were viable for my tanking/burst heal styled gameplay and even then I needed 5 individual LIs for solo, raid or pvmp conditions to be good at what my character can do, same thing would apply for a CC/DPS/healer LM or whatever class with whichever colour line).

    Worse still if your first age LI comes out with junk skills, then you either need to rerun the entire raid and get lucky/wait in line to get that symbol drop or suck it up yet again and make do with your subpar 1st age until you find a new one/something better/change its skills and tiers. So there is more raid grinding or skill/scroll grinding in case you dont luck out. 

    And then the runes, either grind instances to get them or grind marks to trade for them. And then shards, back then you needed to grind the delving to get the junk rune to decompose for shards, that must have changed as I read somewhere but Im guessing the new form of  accquiring shards might be another kind of grind as well.


    I know I went off in a tangent bout grinding, but its the truth. If the LI system was different from the time sink-fun damper that it currently is, a Lot of people would be really happy and the game would just seem more fun, this is just my humble point of view. I still remember Turbine promising a Part II of the LI revamp but that has gone the way of the New-PvP-Map and has never been heard from again. But there you have it, as a hunter I guess you`d just need one or two strong DPS based LIs with skills to make do everywhere but Captains, LMs, RKs and even Guards (OP or tank / 1handed or 2 handed LIs) might have a harder time perfecting multiple LIs for different occasions and for such people (esp. the people who want to roll with >3majors ) the LI grind can be horrendous.

  • LithuanianLithuanian vilniusPosts: 277Member Uncommon

    "To LOTR or not to LOTR - that's question"

    NPC Hamlet


    I wanted to ask same question: to go third time to LOTR or not?

    First time I went was long ago, I had to kill some spiders/grulets and one mob just owned me. Left the game.

    Second time was now. Chose F2P, race - Elf, class - Champion. (offtopic: Only later I realised Elves had less hp ("morale") than any other race and Champion class was something I did not like too much...)

    I met some Elven trainer, he gave me rags, 2 weapons and I got to defend some gate (almost did it), then to kill some 5 evil dwarves (did it). Later my first troubles began when I was teleported to some snowy world.

    Took quest to solve riddle (as for non-English speaking person it is hard), needed to ask 2 elves. Found 1, he told rubbish, did not find another. Noticed players with pets (ravens and alike), but did not find anyone who may give them. Could not loot any corpse, alothough I tried.Finally, reached gates that won't open and there was no way to get through them.

    Other new players (I was lvl.2 Elf champion, they were mostly lvl.3-4) did not bother to answer my private tells, they were mostly busy with killing anything they met (grinding?). In the towns I saw NPCs called "Weaponsmith" and alike, but these were not trainers, only sold some stuff I had no idea if it suits me. I could get no coin from any kill etc.

    I left game, unable to finish almost training quest, feeling a bit dissatisfied. Yes, graphic was excellent. Sounds were excellent. Surroundings were excellent, even immortality of my char was excellent (I do love falling from rocks and landing without injury). Character customization was none: I soon saw too many Elves like me running around - I was not unique. Yes, I could change robes from dark green to light green or even purchase yellow ones...but it is just dressing clones in different robes.

    So, after such noobish introduction, the question is repeated: any sense to come back to Lotro? I would like to travel, especially - to craft and avoid any PvP...but is Lotro for me?

  • AsilethAsileth Owensboro, KYPosts: 9Member

    By all means you should try it out again.  I can remember when I first started the game (my first MMO) how frustrated I was in trying to get out of Edelhion, the elven starter city, and then tyring to find my class trainer.  The quest tracker is a big help.  You mention wanting pets, only 2 classes have pets, loremsters (the raven you saw) and captains (have heralds).  I don't recommened either one of those as a starter class until you have a bit of experience with the game's mechanics.  A class like guardian, hunter, or champion are very popular inital classes.    I have listed below some  links which should hopefully make your starter experience a little more fun. 


    Good luck!




  • asmkm22asmkm22 Anchorage, AKPosts: 1,788Member

    It's a decent game, and it's easy to get sucked into the world.  Turbine did a great job with creating the environments, even if it's nothing like the vast expanse that Middle Earth is supposed to be.

    That said, the cash shop and all of it's associated "features" can really pull you out of the game.  It's hard to go 5 minutes without having some popup reminding you about it, which doesn't exactly help immersion any.  It also seems like each patch, they are pushing more cash shop stuff out into the game world.  For example, we now have sparkling clothing dummies grouped up everywhere, displaying full armor sets you can buy at the cash shop.  It wouldn't be so bad if they were just regulated to the major cities, but they seem to be at most of the remote outposts and stuff as well, which makes no sense.

    Aside from the cash shop thing, the other main problem with the game is that the character models, animations, and combat are all very "dated."  Some of the newer armor has higher rez graphics, but the character models still have a low polygon count.  The UI is still as bad as ever, with skill icons designed with similar graphics.  Combat is more of a "queue" system, where you activate a skill, but it doesn't actually happen until the current animation is finished.  It feels kind of mushy at first, but you get used to it.


    Anyway, it's worth downloading and giving it a try.  Unfortunately, it feels like a game that has all it's best days behind it.  Turbine is just trying to milk the cow before she finally dies.

    You make me like charity

  • LithuanianLithuanian vilniusPosts: 277Member Uncommon

    I re-entered Lotro. Created Human account...and got lost with Human introduction quest number 3: to find some guards. I fail to find one last and map does not show any red dots. Is there any Wiki where all NPCs locations are shown?

    Besides, what to do with stuff I do not longer need? can I just delete it?

    Now to game: graphic does not matter for me. It is community and immersion that counts. However, there are so many unclear stuff. I advanced to lvl.2 -* what;'s next, where are my xp points, can I redsitribute them, increase morale or strenght? No suggestion from the game. My skills are still three, no new offered. And I do get lost with all "deeds", "traits" and other booma-yumba sounding things...

  • AsilethAsileth Owensboro, KYPosts: 9Member

    Hope you enjoy the game!!  My previous post had some very useful links for helping you get started.  Since you did not see it, here are the links again. 






    Also, for a great map listing npc's, locations, etc here is a link.  If you use one or all of this links, your experience will be much smoother. 


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