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Any extra beta weekend keys?

TidelTidel Franklin, MAPosts: 596Member

Hey guys, I managed to get one for myself and remembered that I promised my friend a while back if I ever get involved in the beta I would try to get him in to somehow. Well, last time I was at Gamestop I did not think about it and managed to get only 1 key and so I went back there today and not apparently they don't give out the beta keys anymore.


If anyone possibly has an extra spare key, that would be awesome. I would highly appreciate it.


Thank you.


  • andre369andre369 .Posts: 944Member Uncommon
    Good luck^^ Dont really think anyone has a spare key. 
  • TidelTidel Franklin, MAPosts: 596Member

    Hehe thank you.


    If anyone does happen to have a spare key and you PM me it, please be sure to reply here so I do not receive anymore just incase.


    Thank you.

  • Nightfall31Nightfall31 Perris, CAPosts: 9Member

    Yeah I have an extra one....Ill send it to you in about ten minutes...Need to eat first.


    Sending it to your in forum mail.....Have fun!

  • Warchief30Warchief30 beverly hills, CAPosts: 3Member

    Yeah I also  need one to I have been looking all week, and have watched hours of guild wars 2 livestreams of people giving away codes but haven't recieved one. I feel like I wasted my life. 

    If anyone could be generous enough to give me one I would be so happy. I would also owe that person big time. :) 


  • Warchief30Warchief30 beverly hills, CAPosts: 3Member
    I thought it didn't post sorry for double posting. 
  • timster788timster788 Bronx, NYPosts: 4Member

    Same here if anyone has  an extra key I would deeply appreciated. :)


  • kaldrickkaldrick WroclawPosts: 25Member
    I have prepurchased the game, with boxed beta key that was dispatched 18th of April, and yet I still haven't got it. Yesterday, when Randomgamingtv was making a key lottery my net died half way through and did not wake up until 8 hours later. The support team did not answer a single of my questions, and cancelled my chat twice, when I was right about to enter it. I'm quite resignated - so, if someone could spare me a key or even hour of two of playtime during this BWE, I'd be very grateful ;]
  • SilverbarrSilverbarr AberdeenPosts: 306Member

    I also am looking for a spare Guild Wars 2 beta key, would be highly pleased if anyone would be able to mail/pm me one and they would receive my forever thanks for doing such an honorable and amazing deed :)


    Many thanks.



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  • ololuluololulu nissi 76202Posts: 134Member

    I would also be happy if anyone had spare key to share with me.

    Would like to try the game before i start preordering.

    Thank you.

  • XeraphXeraph TalisayPosts: 2Member

    Heh, I would be so ever grateful to anyone who gives me a key. My parents won't let me buy stuff over the internet. They think it might scam them. And I live in a country which has no damned retailers. So, if anyone has a spare, I would really appreciate it if you give me one. :)

    Thanks! ;)

  • morghannmorghann clermont, FLPosts: 4Member
    If anyone has an extra one I would absolutely love them forever... my entire guild from dcuo and swtor started playing, unfortunately got laid off about three weeks ago and dont start the new job till next week so I couldnt prepurchase :(
  • TidelTidel Franklin, MAPosts: 596Member

    Originally posted by Nightfall31

    Yeah I have an extra one....Ill send it to you in about ten minutes...Need to eat first.


    Sending it to your in forum mail.....Have fun!

     Hey, I'm sorry, were you being sarcastic?


    Says there's nothing in my inbox. :/


    Thank you though if you were serious!

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