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Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Worst of Update 1.2: Legacy



  • KingGatorKingGator Tampa, FLPosts: 428Member Uncommon
    So the consensus is bad game is bad?


  • RuinalRuinal duhPosts: 195Member
    Nope, the consensus is it hasn't lived up to expectations, in fact fell and continues to fall well short. It isn't 'bad' per say, just not anywhere near as good as it should be.
  • Mariner-80Mariner-80 Winchester, VAPosts: 347Member

    For those stating that achieving Legacy Level 6 is "easy" -- well, maybe it it is or maybe it isn't. I have been playing the game A LOT since January and was only as far as Legacy 2 by the time of this offer/promotion.

    I'd say achieving either Legacy level 6 or maxxing out a character to level 50 would both be well nigh impossible for someone playing numerous alts -- at least it was for me.

    In any case, those are piss-poor measures of "customer loyalty". Time spent playing, some cumulative score based on the combined levels of your various alts, or, better, still, the number of consecutve months actively subscribed would have been a better measure of customer loyalty.

    I'm not mad at Bioware, and I still enjoy this game, but the absolute "Doh!" dumbness displayed by this company was painfully evident in this latest fiasco. SOmeone needs to give them an injection of good, old-fashioned common sense.

  • merv808merv808 Colorado Springs, COPosts: 507Member Uncommon
    Great write up. Even though its a focus on negative aspects of the update, it still comes across as fair, and very honest. Great job Mike B
  • hellshankshellshanks kanab, UTPosts: 144Member

    They didn't award players with level 50s- they awarded players with a legacy level of 6. The update was called "Legacy" not "Level" so this makes perfect sense. getting to level 50 was an EXAMPLE of how to get level 6 legacy. They stated quite clearly you could get it with a wide variety of combinations of characters. 

    The Legacy unlocks are priced fairly. They don't "cost in the millions". You can unlock them with a level 50 of that species. unlocking them with credits is like a "I really want to level a republic species without playing republic." choice. I think it's also fair. 


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