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TERA Headstart Buddy Codes!



  • whopper401whopper401 providence, RIMember Posts: 3
    I would love to try this game if anyone has a code i would greatly appreciate it.....
  • negilumnegilum Springfield, RIMember Posts: 27 Uncommon

    Originally posted by nineteensc2
    is it just me or were they gone in like 5 seconds? I would really appreciate if someone could PM me one.

    Originally posted by Hydrokugal
    1 got a code via pm, but that one didnt work anymore. Would really appreciate if someone could send me just a single code.

    Originally posted by Righteous
    PM me a code we can hook up! Mature, funny and ready to game!

    Check your PMs

  • HydrokugalHydrokugal Bad OrbMember Posts: 13

    thanks negilum, i get same error. I think the problem is im gonna use the EU Client. Your keys seem to be NA only.

    Anyone got a spare EU key? Are there EU Keys?

  • deathhomerdeathhomer Charlotte, NCMember Posts: 1
    I would really like one too.  I'm off for the weekend and missed the beta.  If anyone has an extra please PM me.  Thanks
  • alecms7alecms7 alpharetta, GAMember Posts: 7 Common
    I really want to try out TERA before I buy it. Anyone willing to PM me a key?
  • WololoWololo Somewere, COMember Posts: 72
    It seems that I logged on to a bit too late~! Does anyone have just one more key they can spare a lonely Tera wanna-be player!
  • fatal510fatal510 carmichael, CAMember Posts: 13
    Would love to get in on this if anyone has a code.
  • HydrokugalHydrokugal Bad OrbMember Posts: 13
    seems like the NA keys wont work for EU.
  • AutorockAutorock Langley, BCMember Posts: 48 Uncommon
    Would be super grateful for a NA code. Thanks either way.
  • MixxerMixxer Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 1

    I would also be grateful for a key.




  • nineteensc2nineteensc2 brampton, ONMember Posts: 3
    Thank you so much buddy!
  • EpicentEpicent Pierre Part, LAMember Posts: 648 Uncommon
    So, I actually have 6 tera online codes like this. I will be playing GW2 all weekend but ill give the codes away no problem. Just write me a private message telling me why you need a code and I'll award the 6 that I feel deserve it most with a code :). You have till midnight central time tonight. Let the games begin. :)
  • 4Renziks4Renziks Chicago, ILMember Posts: 380 Uncommon
    ill take a buddy code if there is any to spare...i didnt get enough time i wanted for the open beta and would like to get to 20 and see if like everyone says the game gets better than.

    playing: Dragon Age
    Waiting: for FF14, Mass Effect
    Want to try: Fallen Earth

  • Laughing-manLaughing-man Dublin, OHMember Posts: 3,600 Uncommon

    I'm looking for more people to join my ranks...

    If you are seriously considering joining TERA and just really want to try it before you buy it PM me, I have 2 codes.

    My guild is on a PVP server, so please be someone who does not mind dying. 

    Again, I'm intending to only give these away to people who want to join a guild and play with an established community.

    Also they're NA keys.

  • HashikeHashike MontevideoMember Posts: 1

    If someone still has a key to spare i would realy like to get one please!

    Have fun guys.

  • HeretiqueHeretique Member Posts: 1,307 Uncommon

    Here you go. Good luck ladies and gents.


    TERA Head Start Buddy Codes:




    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • AimsKnightAimsKnight Tolleson, AZMember Posts: 1
    Hey guys, anybody mind sparing a NA buddy code? I'd been keeping track of TERA for awhile and suddenly got back into it this past Monday, only to find out that I missed like 99% of the Beta! If somebody could PM me a code I would be eternally grateful! Thanks!
  • cheyanecheyane EarthMember Posts: 3,826 Rare

    I would like to try the game and may be buy it could someone send me a buddy code


  • maib69maib69 cornwallMember Posts: 8
    If anyone has any more codes, would really appreciate one. PM me please thanks.
  • HydrokugalHydrokugal Bad OrbMember Posts: 13
    Can anyone with a spare EU key send me one please? seems like all of you have NA keys only :(
  • Kayster148Kayster148 helstonMember Posts: 1

    Hi there, also looking for a EU head-start key please.

    PM me thank you xxxx

  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Member Posts: 3,137 Epic
    I would Love an NA buddy key.  I was in last week's beta and loved it, but unfortunately won't be able to buy the game until a few days from now.
  • RaxeonRaxeon cedar falls, IAMember Posts: 2,138 Uncommon
    hold check your mail
  • cheyanecheyane EarthMember Posts: 3,826 Rare
    I got a code thank you and spare will send to others in thread.
  • satire3rdsatire3rd Powell, WYMember Posts: 16

    Hi all, I am also looking for some kind soul to offer a buddy key to myself. I seem to keep missing out on the ones people are offering on here. 

    Many thanks.

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