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Rumor: Nexon Makes Offer On Electronic Arts

firefly2003firefly2003 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,521Member Uncommon

EA's stock shares have taken a six-percent leap thanks to a rumor that free-to-play giant Nexon has made an offer on the company.

According to Market Watch, a South Korean newspaper is reporting that Nexon met with EA to discuss a possible merger. The newspaper's source was not named, but that didn't stop EA's stock from making a sharp jump to $16 a share.

Originally founded in South Korea, the Tokyo-based publisher Nexon is best known in the western markets for MapleStory. The company went public last December on the Toyko Stock Exchange, raising $1.2 billion in the initial public offering. This was Japan's largest IPO in 2011.

Neither EA nor Nexon is commenting on the speculation, but we'll keep you updated if anything concrete should come out of this rumor.


  • lifesbrinklifesbrink Sayre, PAPosts: 553Member Uncommon
    I am not sure how I feel about this.

    My blog is a continuing story of what MMO's should be like.

  • ukforzeukforze LiverpoolPosts: 331Member


    Even if a buyout happened, would any of the following improve at EA?...


    • Product Quality (decreasing quality of content & increasing amount of bugs)

    • Customer services (currrently rude, unhelpful, zero tech knowledge)

    • Treatment of staff (has to be the worst employer worldwide)

    • Treatment of customers (EA's attitude towards customers etc)

    • Saturation of franchise (one expansion after another, cash shops etc)


    I doubt it...

    The fact is regardless of who buys a company this, the likes of EA, SoE, Activision & all the

    other faceless giants, are here to make money... THATS IT!

    (before you say it) i know thats what there here for, but in any other industry, they would

    have gone bust a long time ago, they don't even try to produce a quality product anymore,

    its just the least they can do for maximum profit.


    I own my own business & i will take a hit on profits to use better quality materials & offer a

    better product & service to my customers as i take a pride in my products & services,

    although i am still in the business to make money.


    EA & other giants have lost sight of the fact that they, like any other business sell proucts

    to make money, but you have to take responsibility for the product (which they don't)

    If i sold my print & sign products with spelling mistakes of faulty electrics etc...

    I would go bust PLAIN & SIMPLE.


    A lot of people are just plain stupid to say "NO" & just refuse to pay for their shite.

    One day they might actually get the message if enough people stood by their opinion

    instead of just moaning about it.


    I know they have us over a barrel as the industry is monopolised with greedy giants

    so it's a case of out of the frying pan & into the fire most the time, but we have to do

    something to stop them, ruining our beloved pastime!


    They didn't win the steaming pile award for nothing!...

    LOL They even beat the banks who put us in a global recession!

    The Deathstar destroyed planets...Lucas Arts destroyed Galaxies


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