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Review/Preview of RaiderZ Alpha

bowzef1990bowzef1990 NalaPosts: 56Member

I been accepted to RaiderZ Alpha test from perfect world


The once prosperous and powerful kingdom of Rendel has finally crumbled. Vicious beasts, awakened by the contamination of the Prime Stone, roam the lands with an insatiable thirst for blood and a desire to claim Rendel as their own.

The horde has grown too strong and endless waves of mutated creatures continue to slowly claw away at the last remaining barrier between beasts and humans.

There is still, however, a small glimmer of hope for the ill-fated kingdom. A team of champions with weapons and armor forged from the contaminated beasts has risen to slay the marauding monsters.

Hunt Together or Die Alone

Enter a world dominated by fearsome beasts and put your skills to the test! In this free-to-play MMO join a hunting party and engage in fierce battles against colossal monsters. Time attacks and dodges in order to succeed... and survive.

Monster Mash Grappling System

The monsters in Rendel won't just kindly knock you about: these colossal beasts will throw you, crush you and eat you alive! Dodge and parry to avoid their crushing blows and razor-sharp teeth.


By the the footage i have seen and infomation i have gatherd

RaiderZ is similar to TERA and Vindictus but its a f2p game

The Graphics of RaiderZ so far look impressive and are just as good as TERA

Also you can use any weapon you want and you can have multi class system so your not locked to playing lets just say a warrior class you can be a war/healer ect


I will upload some gameplay footage once its done and post a review of what i think game is like

Website to Raiderz




  • bowzef1990bowzef1990 NalaPosts: 56Member

    Hey guys Got some footage some quick clips of some combat and the graphics showing of the shadows and effects playing my defender

    Part 1


    Part 2 Coming soon


    If you want to see some more foootage let me know what you want me to focus on

  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member

    Graphics are good, freeform class development is nice (based on equipped weapns), but its missing some class options from TERA. Needs a bow / ranger and dual wield class in my opinion. Still a bit buggy but shows promise.

  • bowzef1990bowzef1990 NalaPosts: 56Member

    Some places were bugy but overall gameplay for a alpha was very smooth some monsters will get stuck and random disconnection when going through portal to town or a dungeon

    the graphcis are really good and virbrant in colors

    i would reccomand this game to anyone looking for a f2p game

  • bowzef1990bowzef1990 NalaPosts: 56Member

    So i have done the alpha test it ended on 28th

    so my first impression of Raiderz is that stunning graphics Raiderz have

    I played as a Defender/Cleric i reached to max cap of level 25 and had 2 sets of legendary items a Strength set and a Wisdom set.


    Well its a action MMORPG sandboxish experience the combat is one of best iv seen and played,  i just recently did the tera beta 2 day weekend  got to lvl 20 in tera as a archer.

    Tera has great graphics just like Raiderz both running on same engine both had cut scene but Raiderz was more heavily for first 10 levels story driven.

    Now reason why i'm comparing both Raiderz and Tera is fact they use same engine and are very similar in terms of style and combat.


    But the combat in Tera is lot more dull compare to more skilled based game such as Raiderz

    Both have block system and both use action orientated gameplay but there's few key differences  

    Tera uses a similar combo system as to Aion it looks flashy in terms of linking skills together but it does feel little awkward or clunky not sure what it is about combat but it doesn't  feel that exciting or that fun.


    It looks good comparing the MMOs on market but Raiderz does it just as good as Tera, when it comes to questing or anything tera has to offer Raiderz does it just as good as Tera but i personally feel that Tera is big grind fest of Do x this do X that ect ect and Raiderz has this too but it felt different it felt fun and enjoyed lot of quest way it was presented to me it felt less of a grind and more fun  Raiderz is a Free to play game and that makes me question how Frogster seems to think tera is worthy p2p mmo.


    but this is my impression of Raiderz so enough about Tera


    Raiderz Combat is action you have your 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Hotbar that activates skills

    You do not have a Auto Attack think Diablo and your mouse and click but you have to aim just like in Tera.

    the animation of Combat in Raiderz is very good it feels more savage and more realistic in terms of animated attacks, it feels like this is way a real person would fight using these weapons.


    Raiderz is not a game for uh... noobs to be blunt its not a easy game its skilled based and in the boss fights its not forgiving at all raiderz forces you to work together as a team or you will fail and not get anywhere its a hard MMO


    Wile it does cater to Causal player with Normal Level Dungeon runs Normal Difficulty is still very hard compare to games like WoW Aion Rift ect few reasons why its hard


    Healing in Raiderz is low think of it this way in WoW when a healer heals you get a huge heal and it full heals you its like WoW cures Cancer but in Raiderz is like a Band-Aid it heals you just enough but your won't get full health. healing in raiderz is very difficult you don't have many heals and they have cooldowns and your HP compare to the amount of damage you get is huge you can easly get 1 hited and die.


    But blocking and dodge helps with this so i'm going give another example

    We have a healer and Boss does a AOE fire Move it radius is large it almost does 60% of room in terms of how large the AOE is this is a real boss fight btw.


    A Block can reduce the damage to small amount or medium amount or reduce to nothing

    But for people that don't have shields well they have to run and dodge but there's a big problem if you don't run and dodge within 2 secs of animation of the boss AOE attack you will receive almost death blow.

     Once he does his aoe he will point his hand to the target he's going to rush into, flames pop out of his feet and he speeds rushs to the target this is soon after he AOES he will do this multiple times and the range of his rush there is no range he will poon you no matter where you are in the room even if your out side of the room so you must react very quickly and lot of time you find yourself dead before you can pop a heal  and if you took full AOE dmg and then his rush you well you will be dead no doubt about, it is death blow sometimes a 1hit blow this can be a complete death within 4-7secs.

    But if you manage to successfully Dodge his rush or block / dodge his AOE

    you cannot block rush attacks must be dodged


    You will still have injuries but nothing too bad that healer can't manage but don't think healer can just save you clerics are not just a healing dedicated class they have to help DPS as well some boss fights force everyone to dmg coz of self heals/bubble there is a timer on some of these boss that will bubble and start to heal so you have to use everyone to help keep his hp low enough or to take him out before he does it.


    My class


    So i was dual class Mix of Defender and Cleric what a class it was super fun to play a defender is like a tank but his damage is not a laughing joke he may do low amount but it's like 100 or 200 Points of dmg difference to other classes and his has loads of Knockdowns and Stuns he can stun lock and has a skill that makes next skill crit with a very low Cooldown it was over all a very badass class and class loves to use his shield as a weapon smashing his arm/shield in target knocking down or stunning them + doing high damage.


    So this is my experience so far of Raiderz i will post more information soon as i can

  • mirror110mirror110 no, FLPosts: 4Member


    According to what all of you said, this game sounds pretty awesome. I wil give it a shot.

    I love you forever.

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