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Xsyon Earth 2012: Prelude: 10-Days Free Game Time Coming

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,968MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Xsyon team has announced that former players will be invited back into the game to check out all of the changes the team has implemented. The 10-day free time trial will kick off on May 18th.

Here are some of the improvements to Xsyon since the official launch:

  • Expanded, flexible, part based construction system allowing players to build expansive buildings and towns.

  • Completely new twitch based manual combat system with held directional swings and parries.

  • Enhanced creature system. Many new and stronger creatures now inhabit Xsyon, breeding, ageing, growing in power and becoming mutants.

  • Improved crafting system providing crafting tool and material bonuses.

  • Redistributed rare and valuable resources.

  • Forestry system with trees that grow spread and can be planted by player characters.

  • Revised User Interface based on player input, including tabbed chat, a map panel, weather gauges and improved customization.

  • Improved rendering with HDR lighting, detailed soft shadows and enhanced visual effects.

  • Player made carts for transporting large amounts of goods and buildings as storage.

  • Revised lock and permission system to control shared access of private and tribal goods.

  • Vastly improved client and server stability.

Find out more on the Xsyon site.



  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,008Member Uncommon
    Ill definitely try it again. Just to try it. I don't think it will hold my attention it was just too clunky for me last time and it didn't have enough explanations of the systems in the game.
  • ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon

    I'll be there as well. 


    This game has *amazing* potential. It's a shame the guys are so limited in resources to implement their ideas.

  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon

    It's amazing game if you count on the fact it's literally done and maintained by two guys.

  • SorrowSorrow St Pete, FLPosts: 1,195Member

    omg not sucking me back in again they got my money once that is enough.


  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXPosts: 385Member Uncommon
    That stuff sounds pretty good. Is the 10 free game time limited to people who bought the game so far?

    Ps your link to the website doesn't work as intended it just refreshes this page.


  • Mad+DogMad+Dog EdinburghPosts: 733Member Uncommon

    Has proper combat been patched in yet?

  • alakramalakram malagaPosts: 2,291Member Uncommon

    Free trial for the "didn't buy it yet" crowd please

  • CorehavenCorehaven Colorado Springs, COPosts: 1,533Member Uncommon

    But.....why is she so big and town so small?   I dont understand what Im seeing in the picture. 



  • spookydomspookydom BristolPosts: 1,782Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by alakram

    Free trial for the "didn't buy it yet" crowd please


    Bump! I'm not forking out any cash for this before I get to try it first.


  • HejietHejiet Sherbrooke, QCPosts: 49Member

    Originally posted by Corehaven

    But.....why is she so big and town so small?   I dont understand what Im seeing in the picture. 

    It was photoshop, they only wanted to show the city and the improved character appearance.

  • WycliffeWycliffe West Amwell, NJPosts: 354Member

    Originally posted by alakram

    Free trial for the "didn't buy it yet" crowd please


    I love sandbox MMOs but not paying a cent without a free trial. Not having a free trial at this point in your games lifecycle is far from a vote of confidence in your own product from this consumers' perspective.

  • KilrainKilrain OregonPosts: 1,136Member Uncommon
    Or, she's standing on a hill above the city.
  • feroshusferoshus Posts: 164Member Uncommon

    Meh, good deal for people who got suckered into buying this one I guess. The awful price of it is still keeping me from trying it. That and they haven't proved anything in the way of server stability, except that it can easily handle VERY small amounts of people lol Is an open beta weekend coming soon??

  • Martha71Martha71 San Francisco, CAPosts: 4Member

    if you count on the fact it's literally done and maintained by two guys.

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    if this 10d trial is for new/old accounts.. i might try it out, but all the press i have read/heard on this game it doesnt sound promising to me. 

    on an unrelated note.. if this pic is taken by the devs.. why the hell do they have a 157ms ping? shouldnt that be almost 0ms?? @_@... im kinda worried ill wind up with a 999ms ping or something if the devs are getting almost 200ms

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  • mymmomymmo moms basment since the 2008 crashPosts: 306Member Uncommon

    finally :)

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  • pupurunpupurun spartaPosts: 542Member Uncommon

    The MAIN ISSUE with this game(beyoned the fact that it's not finished) is the fact that there is no GOAL. Creating a town is easy when a clan is created. People share their crafts..everyone is happy..nothing is missing.The town is what? Wait for a ganker to start roaming the outskirts of the town so they can MULTI-SWING their weapons?(thats how i see Xsyon PvP)

    The game's town creation mechanincs are a great idea but cannot stand alone as a game.

  • JimyHumuHumuJimyHumuHumu BilbaoPosts: 251Member Uncommon

     so is this 10 days free trial or 10 free days of reactivation time for old subscribers ? Im kinda confused :P

  • DrevarDrevar College Station, TXPosts: 171Member Uncommon

    It is for previous players who quit. They are implementing totem decay and unlocking containers out in the open world. Up til now you could safely drop a container and noone else could get into it, thats changing. This gives folks a chance to see the changes and if they want to keep thier tribe and/or retrieve thier stuff out in the world they can. Otherwise everything becomes lootable.

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  • nutsoddsnutsodds vilanova i la geltruPosts: 89Member

    I was at the day that screenshot was taken,it was during an architecture event,when all tribes showed off their towns,we were at the highest tower in Industrial Strength boot camp and that character is called Baby. MrDDT is the IS leader, h e might confirm what I'm saying.

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,157Member Rare

    Kudos to the two guys working on this game, but charging for this game is just beyond ridiculous.  It is basically not even close to alpha state, if you want contributions, then ask for them, but basically all they will get out of 10 days play is curiosity about playing more, but not willing to pay for it.

  • thunXathunXa LandauPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    This picture is not photoshopped. You can see the mason floor ground on the picture from where it was taken. As above said, its a tower.



    Im not for to long at the game right now but the combat at the test server built seems to be alot better with the sync and this will be coming live on the next patch.



    There is nothing wrong with the ping.

    I got 130ms average from germany and the server is located in chicago.

    Any website located in chicago i can ping give me the same results.


    So the dev could be located anywhere. Doesnt mean a dev must be right next to the server to make any changes :)



    It just means the game doesnt fit to you. But seems like there are some more things that you dont know of what to do in this game.


    I agree the game is missing content.

    But i trust the devs and along with the changes we allready see, i do that on purpose.

    The potential is massive and every big change on this game will just get it slightly to what it can be.

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