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Tales of Tyria #28: 5 Days!

BridgerBridger South Windsor, CTPosts: 77Member

Tales of Tyria #28: 5 Days!

Less than 5 days left until beta! Please be aware that we will be streaming all through the weekend at Also be aware that next week's show will be recorded at 8pm EDT on Monday, but we will be looking to do some special event at 8pm EDT on Sunday, so don't skip it! Other discussions on this show include some feedback from last week's show, a new awesome build calculator website, and a few items from the Mailbag.


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Episode 28

  • 05:40 - Feedback: Innate Talent vs. Training

  • 16:50 - News: Open Beta,, Glory System Revealed?

  • 40:50 - Mailbag: Armor system @ level 80

  • 44:40 - Table Scraps: GW2 Town Hall Meeting.

Question of the Week - What's your plan for beta? 

Comment below or send us your answer and comments to


  • andre369andre369 .Posts: 970Member Uncommon

    Cough, cough 3 days...!

  • OrsonDiturnoOrsonDiturno Jacksonville, ILPosts: 35Member

    You'll have to excuse Bridger, He always posts the show on forums 2 days late. :)

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