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Oldest space MMO?

AristidesAristides Boulder, COPosts: 172Member

Is this the oldest space MMO, or maybe just the oldest one still running?



  • TikigodTikigod KeynshamPosts: 42Member

    Oldest I am aware of.


    Remember many many years ago playing Jumpgate and people talking about upcoming games that were still in development like "EnB" and "EvE" on the public channels. hehe

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  • TheHatterTheHatter None, ARPosts: 2,547Member

    Used to be a great game. I was playing it around 2001ish.... no idea anymore. I tried it not too long ago, and alot had changed from what I could tell, but I didn't stick around long.

  • LadyAlibiLadyAlibi Johnstown, PAPosts: 297Member Uncommon

    I didn't even know Jumpgate was still around. I may go check it out again, though it is inevitable that I will suck at it. Me + flight games = no.

  • AristidesAristides Boulder, COPosts: 172Member

    Holy crap!  I went to their site out of nostalgia the other day and saw that NetDevil is patching this game again.  I may re-up.

  • Eraser55Eraser55 OsloPosts: 142Member

    I think some browser games came out before, like Planetarion,.. but this is the oldest real space mmo. 


    So bow down. 

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  • AristidesAristides Boulder, COPosts: 172Member

    Jumpgate:  Playable in late 1999, beta phases 2000-2001, official release July 2001 (EU), 21 September 2001 (NA).

    Shut down by NetDevil's purchaser Gazillion on 30 April 2012.   :(

  • AsayagaAsayaga LeerdamPosts: 14Member

    Maybe Mankind is even older.

    Kinda does the same as EvE just that you can control 100's of ships at a time.

    And it's stil alive i think.

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  • outfctrloutfctrl Jacksonville, FLPosts: 3,619Member Uncommon

    I really loved that game. Only made it to ship level 26 though.  Still had a blast

    Hello Jumpgate Classic Fans,

    Thank you for supporting Jumpgate Classic. We hope that you have enjoyed playing the game and that it has provided you with some entertainment along the way.


    Gone forever

    Unfortunately these things don't last forever, and the time has come to move on. So it is with great regret that we must inform you that Jumpgate Classic will shut down on April 30th, 2012.

    We will be refunding all payments made in 2012. If you don't receive your refund within the next 7 days on your bank statement, or if you have any questions regarding Jumpgate Classic, please contact

    We are going to miss the Jumpgate Classic community. It has been immensely rewarding to see the community evolve.

    We hope to see you again in Super Hero Squad Online ( Thank you again for playing and supporting Jumpgate Classic.

    - The Jumpgate Classic Team


    I guess MMROP should take it off the list now


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