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jmeisch10jmeisch10 Farmers Branch, TXPosts: 5Member

I broke my phone and can not log in to my wow account cause of my authenticator being on my phone. So i was looking for some fun free to play games to play until my wow account is back up! thank you in advance!


  • NiffiNiffi GöttingenPosts: 36Member

    To play something for fun, try Vindictus, has a fine non-targetting-fighting-system, so i think, it could be good for something you want to play a bit but not for long.

    Greets Niffi

  • ErgloadErgload GV, OHPosts: 433Member Uncommon

    give achaea a try its a free browser based mmo

  • ReckerRecker Montreal, QCPosts: 161Member

    Call blizzard they can remove your authenticator,


    i did an they removed it and i added it back.


    also when you use authenticator theres a recovery code you can use to add to another authenticator.


    Since i accidently broke a phone im using my old android as an authenticator for all my games       rift blizzard to name a few that way i dont have to worry about break my phone cus my authenticator just sits on my desk.

  • omega78omega78 ..., CTPosts: 260Member Uncommon

    Some fun, short term f2ps... Elsword if you want action, the community isn't too bad, the game is rather fast paced and fun because of it. The advert is often times seen on this site (at least I see it) 

    La Tale- The grind isn't too bad, and the community is THE BEST I have ever seen in a mmo. 2d, and quite a decent roster of classes to select.

    Vindictus as someone else suggested is rather fun, and is perfect for short term entertainment. If not that, then give Dragon Nest a try if you liked Vinds system, but don't play for other reasons.

    Eden Eternal is a rather popular f2p, you can change classes whenever you want, and if you like the overall feel but not the game itself, give Grand Fantasia (its older brother) a try. 

    Twelve Sky 2 is fun for a short term thing, because you'll need to get pretty serious to go long term.

    Flyff is another good one that I've enjoyed and lastly

    Mabinogi, twitch based combat, very, very good for casual play.

    These are some games that I have enjoyed ^^

    I hope I was a help and I wish you luck in your endeavors.


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