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I don't know if this is true, but I will post it anyway.



  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread PshPosts: 6,082Member Rare

    This is like the ninth stupidest thing I've ever seen.

  • k-damagek-damage ParisPosts: 738Member Common

    ***** Before hitting that reply button, please READ the WHOLE thread you're about to post in *****

  • huskie77huskie77 Nowhere, NEPosts: 354Member

    nice self promotion!


    BTW- they removed the original thread for obvious reasons.

  • rexzshadowrexzshadow stockton, CAPosts: 1,428Member

    Doubt its true, why would you pay people to do something people do already for fun at that lol. Although they never did say "paid" but got in to betas and such i guess? Idk lol seem like they just trying to publise themselves.

  • inmysightsinmysights Houston, TXPosts: 365Member Uncommon

    crap, it is gone!!! please post what it was!


    I am so good, I backstabbed your face!

  • cinoscinos LondonPosts: 963Member

    There is no way in hell that GW2 is releasing any where near Tera (which I believe releases next week), and since when has ganking people in low level areas on a PvP server (which you choose to play on) made people decide not to play a whole game?

    Is it annoying? Sure, but if you choose to play on a PvP server you need to expect asshat gankers. Tera isn't unique in this aspect.

    Quite a rediculous story I have to say. :p

  • huskie77huskie77 Nowhere, NEPosts: 354Member

    Originally posted by inmysights

    crap, it is gone!!! please post what it was!

    Just some utter B.S. that some troll posted to get attention. Wasn't even a well thought out conspiracy theory. Not worth reposting.

  • xmentyxmenty SingaporePosts: 683Member Uncommon

    Someone should send an email to Ncsoft about this so they will get what they deserved, more pay.


    Pardon my English as it is not my 1st language :)

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member

    Originally posted by R.I.O.T

    Originally posted by Ganathar


    This is what was written.


    "On behalf of DooM I would like to thank our sponsor NCSoft.

    As many of you already know, thanks to the support of NCSoft, both supplying us with tera beta keys and money towards our website. I think we did you guys proud, I'm sure many people wont buy Tera now, due to the amount of low level ganking we achieved on behalf of you.

    For the people that don't know the full story to keep things simple. NCSoft paid us to annoy and put off as many people from playing Tera as possible. This was due to both guild wars 2 coming out around the same time as Tera and the law suit they currently have against blue hole.

    once again thank you NCSoft, you know where we are when you require our services again."

    Whether its true or not, we may never know...but to think a guild stupid enough, would post and blatantly advertise what they were "paid" to do. Is just plain silly...

    This can be looked at in so many ways...

    The one question no one's bothered to ask...why in the world would NCSoft be afraid of Tera?

    Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.

  • ButeoRegalisButeoRegalis Tijeras, NMPosts: 580Member Uncommon

    I heard NCSoft found out some kid was designing the next WoW and was going to release that game in January 2012. So, NCSoft built a time machine and sent back a cyborg to kill that kid. Honest truth!! And much more believable than that scribble!


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