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Star Wars: The Old Republic: v1.2 Arriving 4/12



  • CorehavenCorehaven Colorado Springs, COMember Posts: 1,533 Uncommon

    The way the fans are responding to this patch and news of it, you just know the game is kind of messed up.   Its a big fix supposedly. 


    Tells me all I need to know right there.  And I seriously doubt no amount of patches is going to bring swtor up to the standard a mega million mmo should be. 

  • rev618rev618 Tracy, CAMember Posts: 3


  • XovasXovas _, NYMember Posts: 10

    Even after 1.2 the player base will still not be there. People will still hate it and the game will wind up going f2p, or getting the servers shut down for lack of subscriptions.

  • WolfClawsWolfClaws Arlington, VAMember Posts: 634 Uncommon

    Ranked warzones not in 1.2 anymore. They are holding off deployment for now.

  • KuinnKuinn MestaMember Posts: 2,072 Uncommon

    Originally posted by Alalala

    Unsubscribed already.

    Too much like WoW, of a couple years ago.

    Sure the cut-scene, voice dialogue is cool, but it dulls all too soon, leaving a lesser WoW in its place.

    Take away the light sabers, and you've got a middling, under developed MMO.



    On many areas it's lesser WoW and underdeveloped, but at least it has something important that WoW does not have anymore today, constant open world group content while leveling. Anyway, finally unsubbed my self too, just nothing to do in the open world after leveling to max, which is the most important feature for me in a mmorpg, the open world.

  • illutianillutian There, OHMember Posts: 227 Uncommon

    Hope this goes Free2Play (like Aion/L2; none of that Freemium crap).

    "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising everytime we fall." - Confucius

  • claude1864claude1864 Coker, ALMember Posts: 2

    ROFLMAO!! First let me say this. I love the game! It's had its problems. They fixed few and thats a positive on maken a few.


  • daltaniousdaltanious waMember Posts: 2,293 Uncommon

    Originally posted by RefMinor



    Beyond all my expectations. :-)


    The only thing I miss now is to have multiple builds. if some class can i.e. heal is nice to have healing build to be usefull for group, but is problem when soloing and questing. Also is possible to test various trees without need to go to skill reset trainer.  Would be great to be possible to switch between varous builds.

    Btw, to dyner, i sincerely hope that putrid f2p plague never come in contact with Swtor (or wow and rift for that matter). This three are only games that are worth and should stay P2P.

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