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Conquer’s New Video Shows Off Explosive Pirate Skills! I Love them!

NextTxenNextTxen Enfield, NHPosts: 17Member

Conquer’s new expansion will be launched on 11th this month. It’s just one more week to go. The company has released a new PVP video, showing off the explosive skills of pirates and some awesome pvp combats. I’ve gotta say, this class is cool!

Take a look at the video.

I love the rapier skill; it’s similar to Trojan’s fast blade but not exactly the same. And the black spot plus the deadly shooting skills…everything feels different. I can’t wait to try them out. I hope this class is more balanced. Has anybody tried this class in the test server? I haven’t got a chance to do it and I’d like to hear others comments.




  • xenoidxenoid KlaipedaPosts: 2Member

    You love them because it takes no skills no use them, it's like a cheat, other classes suck because TQ release these unbalanced crap new overpowered classes. Along with cheaters, botters and the fact that new classes are way too stronger than the old ones, makes the game so much worse than it's already is and it's already a piece of crap.

    Don't waste your time on some crappy, greedy game and play something else.

  • GameMODGameMOD Break it down!, NYPosts: 30Member

    Don't waste your time in-game.


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