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I'd wait for PlanetSide Next

Hard2killh2kHard2killh2k kuala lumpurMember Posts: 8

Reason - I feel Hirez is Eviler than EA's DRM.

Yes this is my rant.



  • SeandumasSeandumas Chilliwack, BCMember Posts: 11

    So you were banned for using hacks, now apparently they are evil? Grow up.

    I am going to wait for Planetside Next because of the fact that Global agenda is an atrocious game and I don't see them being able to improve this new game enough for me to enjoy it.

  • Joseph_KerrJoseph_Kerr Member Posts: 987 Uncommon

    All this game is is a halo multiplayer lobby game spin-off.

  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Omega CityMember Posts: 185

    Originally posted by punchrx

    All this game is is a halo multiplayer lobby game spin-off.

    Right.....cause before halo there was no such thing as fps multiplayer games.

  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INMember Posts: 1,926

    Originally posted by Darth-Ninja

    All this game is is a halo multiplayer lobby game spin-off.

    LMAO please. Tribes: Ascend is 100% more skill based than Halo ever was.  The only people that would claim otherwise cant hit the broad side of a barn with non hitscan weapons. If Tribes does one thing well its thier weapons and the physics involved with them.

  • JetrpgJetrpg Whitehouse, OHMember Posts: 2,346 Uncommon

    Halo was never skill based, thats why it was popular.

    Tasc is pretty good, its not great. I don't much care for its weapons ... or more to say its weapons are ok but its zone are too big... or to say its zones are so big it non-hit scan weapons' projectiles should move 3 times faster. Not to snipe people, but so i can shoot someone at range who is off the ground 80% of the time. Massive flaw.

    But still a pretty fun game.

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