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Thinking of playing Eden Eternal anyone want to join?

Ald87Ald87 ChesterPosts: 4Member

So I just read archangel's Anarchy Online thread where he managed to get lots of people to restart on AO, I think that's awesome and I'd be tempted to join you guys but I'm totally skint right now and AO kind of sucks without Shadowlands and Alien Invasion!

So, I was thinking, since I'm looking for a time-waster if anyone fancied some anime-themed f2p goodness from aeria games, in the form of Eden Eternal. It's been out for about a year and I played it back in closed beta. I really enjoyed the class-switching gameplay and the combat felt pretty fun.

I hate joining an established MMO on my own though, it sucks big-time, so anyone want to join me? It takes hardly any time at all to download and jump right in!

If we get 3 people we can do 3-man dungeons, 5 we can do 5-mans, anymore than that, we can make a MMORPG guild!


  • Ald87Ald87 ChesterPosts: 4Member

    Got 3 people interested now, including myself, my room-mate and one from MMORPG!

  • BobRossBobRoss new philadelphia, OHPosts: 213Member

    NvM , At LvL 35 I'm already getting bored of this game. Little too theme parky(if that is a word) for me. It's just quest after quest after quest thats dragging it down.



  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 244Member Uncommon

    I was looking for something like this, a bunch of guys to play a random game. I have played eden eternal a bit however, it was decent. But I left eventually because there was no challenge whatsoever. I only played up to lvl 20 ish though. Pm with your names and we can group up.

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