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Zavvi - Pre-Purchases

ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon

Sorry mods for making another Pre-Purchase thread but I wanted to make sure this was easy to find as Zavvi is the only retailer selling the CE in the UK.


I spoke with the helpline 5 minutes ago and the agent there advised me that he has been assured that everyone who pre-purchased the game yesterday (including the CE) has had their beta 'package' shipped today via post. I'm not 100% sure if this is being confirmed by email (The volume on the call was terribly low and it was very hard to hear him correctly).


Either way, I double checked and he was adamant that everyone who ordered yesterday will have their codes ahead of time.


Bonus info: They originally had 500 copies of the CE, this sold out in ~20 minutes and they got restocked with an additional 2000 upon request. As far as he was aware there were no further plans to restock the CE so if you are in the UK and on the fence about picking it up it might be an idea to decide sooner rather than later.


  • ThelowThelow valkeakoskiPosts: 149Member

    Hey didnt want to make new topic but got few questions.


    Do i get 3 day headstart only if I preorder digital version from Anet. Will it take same time to download digitally because you dont get CD with box either?

  • lamourlamour HockenheimPosts: 3Member

    Apparently the pre-purchase code for my CE was being sent from zavvi yesterday via post.


    What bugs me a littel is that the order is displayed as dispatched and I have no open order with zavvi now. I would have thought that the order would be left open until the actual CE box gets shipped. I just hope I didn't pay 160 EUR for a pre-order box only...


    Let's wait and see.

  • daniel!!!daniel!!! nottinghamPosts: 400Member

    i ordered mine a day later, they just need to recieve the new stock now to send it off to me


  • Dev_NightsDev_Nights GravesendPosts: 67Member

    I got my pre-purchase box today. Looks like a standard PC game box and inside is just the code you put online. Also I am curious about the actual CE and when/how will we know when that gets shipped.

  • VortigonVortigon PerthPosts: 723Member Uncommon

    Obviously you wont get your actual CE box until the game is released sometime in the next 12 months if we are lucky.

  • holifeetholifeet BournemouthPosts: 532Member

    How many people have gotten their code box from Zavvi?

    I got my dispatch email on 11th but I still haven't receieved any box. These things don't normally take this long to arrive.

    I'm referring to the standard edition by the way.


    All hail the Pixel, for it is glorious Orange!
  • lamourlamour HockenheimPosts: 3Member

    I received an update email from zavvi which eased my mind. Pre-purchase box still didn't arrive, but I think it should be any day now. (I live outside UK, so had to expect some delay.)

    Originally emailed by zavvi Hello,

    Thank you for pre-purchasing Guild Wars 2 with

    This email is to confirm your pre-purchase, we would like to inform you that your beta key has now been shipped and your main order will be shipped in good time for the release date.

    The first parcel you will be receiving is the beta key which grants you early access to Guild Wars 2 beta, this will be arriving shortly if not already.

    The second parcel you will receive will be your main purchase containing the full game which will arrive on the release date.

    Full payment for the order will have been taken upon dispatch of the first parcel containing the beta key. Full payment has been taken as your order is a pre-purchase item, payment secures your unit ready for dispatch on release.  

    We hope you enjoy testing the Guild Wars 2  beta, in the meantime should you have any further questions please contact us through your online account via the message centre and we will be happy to help you.

    Many thanks, Customer Care Team

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