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How many people do you think will be playing GW2?

azzacope96azzacope96 nottinghamPosts: 11Member

Hey guys

Just a quick question to ask "how many people do you thnk will be playing this game?" i for one couldnt wait for april 10th and pre purchased straight away but im curious to think of how many other people did aswell. I'm sure that millions of people will be playing GW2 but does anyone else think that it can mass enough people to take over the MMORPG world?





  • CorvuscoCorvusco CurcurcurPosts: 163Member Uncommon

    In 2-3 months after the game will be released will crush all other mmos. Because then will be the time when all naysayers will bow down to the king and buy it ;)

  • azzacope96azzacope96 nottinghamPosts: 11Member

    Originally posted by CristianCeo

    In 2-3 months after the game will be released will crush all other mmos. Because then will be the time when all naysayers will bow down to the king and buy it ;)

    HAHA i totally agree at the moment even still now some are like " hey GW2 will fail like all others, meanwhile im gona sit here grinding and become a fuzzy panda soon"

    they will soon all be playing this game when they realise they were wrong!! this game will not fail like AION RIFT and SWTOR because arenanet have got there heads wired up right and are createing something differant.

  • CetraCetra Posts: 357Member Uncommon

    2 millions playing at launch.


  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulPosts: 483Member Uncommon

    2 million active players equals awesomely huge World Ladder, i hope GW2 achieves that


    people dont want to accept the fact that they can make a better game in every aspect without a sub, lots of low minded poeple keep whining about how the cash shop will make it pay to win without knowing the design of Guil Wars. But after launch those people will get it, and  i think they will love GW2. Anet dont have to pray for early sales as they dont have sub. They just have to buy it to try and play forever. I feel shame when i look past to the money i have spent to crappy games that i played at most 3 months. A wasted box sale if you ask me. for guild wars 2 it is so relaxed :)


  • Master10KMaster10K LondonPosts: 3,065Member

    Guild Wars 2 will have... One Hundred Million Players


  • Loser60Loser60 VilniusPosts: 170Member

    Originally posted by Master10K

    Guild Wars 2 will have... One Hundred Million Players

    Oh this slaps me on the knee.


    P.S. What movie is that? I remember watching it but can't remember the name.

  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulPosts: 483Member Uncommon

    Austin Powers :D

  • KalferKalfer HappylandPosts: 779Member

    Its a hard thing to answer.


    1) you dont subscribe, so you dont have an incentive to play constantly like you would with a sub based MMO. In that sense I think people will play long term casually. you can always have it on computer and play it when you want to without a care in the world. 


    2) Guild Wars 1 also felt this. it was hard to make a working guild because people were not as active as in other online games, because they didnt have too. I think GW2 is very different and much more true-MMO, but I still think the casual attitude will be there for many players, and thats a great thing. 


    3) Guild Wars 1 has sold over 6 million copies, but this does not mean 6 million accounts. Like other games many had multiple accounts, but in GW1 you also had people who bought the campaigns (which accounts for much of the sale) and those campaigns were tied to the originals account. So if you divded the campaings with 3, you would have something that looked like 2 million player accounts, but that would not be concurrent players! What is retention in a game without a fee? actively playing or purchaseable of the future content? or something else entirely?




    I don't really dwell on it. Most people I know are more interested in Diablo 3 than anything else. I wonder how well GW2 will do, but if it takes off, I think it will be due to word of mouth. Some people disliked GW1 because they didnt understand it, and because WoW was super popular back when GW1 came out. It was associated as a poor mans WoW, which was missing the point.

    It's very common for the mainstream to pick crappy films and music over quality these days. you dont find much of the box office and billboard 100 to be great stuff. sad but true.

  • CetraCetra Posts: 357Member Uncommon

    When Swtor launched, none of my wow friends care or even know of swtor.

    But Guild Wars 2 is different! All my friends who ignored Swtor have already pre-purchased GW2 and are dying to play.

    If swtor can get 1.7m players, GW2 can easily 2x or 3x it.

    Just see.

  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,682Member Uncommon

    I think at least 500,000 within a week of launch. Maybe 3 million with in a few months. One thing that may set the game apart from the majority of MMOs is that the numbers should continue to grow at a healthy pace over time, rather than peaking quickly before dropping of as time goes on.

    A million by the end of the first two weeks is definitely possible, but I'm hedging my bets a little.

    Really hard to judge. The game, with no sub fee and all it offers, could sell to most of the people who bought Skyrim and also own and play games on a PC. Breaking Skyrim's numbers down that way is difficult, though, because even if you have the number sold for the PC, you don't know how many PS3/XBOX purchasers also have a gaming PC, but decided to go with the console version for that game. (There would also have to be some top notch advertising for GW2 to really maximize first week sales, but the game should still grow over time, even if the initial numbers don't reach full potential).

    We could also look to SWTOR initial sales for some idea, but how much of that was primarily driven by the Star Wars IP?

    Of course, the game could blow away my projections for the opening weeks, but I think it's slightly more likely to have a "snow ball rolling down hill effect", rather than blowing out the first week sales projections with a "perfect storm effect" driving rapid, wide spread adoption.

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  • PocahinhaPocahinha cidadePosts: 550Member Uncommon

    I humbly predict 2 millions and growing in the comming months and years.


    There is no game with gw2 quality releasing in the next few its going to be the new king, and f2p on the top.

  • HurvartHurvart ystadPosts: 565Member

    I think millions will buy it and play it the first months. But one year later there will probably be 100-200K still playing. This is how most people play games today. They are always waiting for something new. And marketing makes them believe the next game will be the best ever.

  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon

    So many that EA will put an offer on the table to NCSoft/Anet to buy them out, just hope that never happens.  But back on track, I will stick my neck out and say it will peak at 4-5 million players.

  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderPosts: 9,436Member Rare

    I predict that GW2 will sell 3 -5 million boxes in the first year...  Maybe even more.


    By the end of the first year it will have more active players then WoW in europe and US.  

    Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)

  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulPosts: 483Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Hurvart

    I think millions will buy it and play it the first months. But one year later there will probably be 100-200K still playing. This is how most people play games today. They are always waiting for something new. And marketing makes them believe the next game will be the best ever.

    You are right but GW2 will raise the bar high imo, games with safe recipes like rift will not make too much revenue anymore. Also if GW2 gets that popular with its B2P model, MMOs with sub will start to look like a scam (most are though.)

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    back in 2005, GW1 sold 1 million in the first 6 months


    i know GW2 will sell many more, it appeals to more people and its a mmo

  • DarknezzzzDarknezzzz VentspilsPosts: 82Member

    Well, if SWTOR sold couple of millions, then GW2 should double that amount.

    But on serious note it's quite hard to predict the numbers. If only we would know how many people have pre-purchased/pre-ordered the game already. My prediction is something around 1-1.5 million in first couple of months, and it will be hopefully growing. Wouldn't want for a game like that to die.


  • keenberkeenber galwayPosts: 438Member Uncommon

    zero because the world ends in december this year

  • LanfeaLanfea EssenPosts: 222Member Uncommon

    between 2005 and 2011 gw1 sold over 10 million copies. as a longshot my best guess is that gw2 will beat this number and get sold over 15 million times in the next 5 years. and because its 'buy to play' gw2 does not have to be worried about competitioners like the upcoming tera or secret world, instead these games can be in trouble if gw2 can hold up to their promise for a longterm motivating game. until the end of the year my best guess is that  gw2 will hit the 3-4 million mark. but how many players will be actually play gw2 active (!) after 3-6 months after launch .... phew no idea yet.

  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare

    My opinion is that the game will not become the king of mmos in terms of playerbase since majority of mmo players is reward-driven. Also I do not think it will be so revolutionary to achieve that.

    I believe that with its game model, it will become a back up game for MANY people, but it will not be a new home for so many people. For me, the game model is similar to FPS or strategy. I would go as far as comparing it to starcraft II.

    I also log in starcraft II, play 10 maps and then go back to WoW. Most likely it will be similar for me with GW2. When I get bored with WoW or any other mmo which I will be playing at that time, I will log into GW 2, have some competitive pvp action for several hours and then go back to main mmo to continue with rewards grinding.

    My assumption is - 3 mil. players

    (It is a subjective opinion and I understand that many people, especially on GW 2 forum, will disagree)

  • SomsbalSomsbal somsbalPosts: 222Member

    Probably around 1-2 million during the launch period, and between 500k-1 million after a couple of months.

  • Sora2810Sora2810 New Columbia, PAPosts: 567Member

    You're asking how many people will play a hyped MMO that has no monthly fee? Honestly, just the fact that its free will make tons of people play it. I'd seen people pay $60 for less, I have no doubt that GW2 will have a substantial number of players.

    There's no 'keeping' them either. If they bought it, they own it. They can come back anytime. Active players may be a different story, but I have a feeling the casual feel of GW2 will have enough players to complete content.

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  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderPosts: 9,436Member Rare

    With the no Sub clause, i think 90% of all PC MMO player will buy a copy sooner or later if the game is as good as we expect it to be.


    How many MMO players are there in the US, Europe and Korea ?    (thats where they release at launch)

    Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)

  • PalmyCloudPalmyCloud CandylandPosts: 79Member

    Originally posted by keenber

    zero because the world ends in december this year

    You mean the "world of warcraft". Whoops I spoiled the end^^

    Just kidding.

    1st month: 1.881 million

    half year: 3.781 million

    1 year: 4.123 million


  • stragen001stragen001 ReadingPosts: 1,720Member Uncommon

    This is something that we will never, EVER know since GW2 has no subscription, which is probably the most accurate way of measuring how many people are currently playing a game.

    ANet will never release information on how many ACTIVE PLAYERS there are, such as how many people are logging in on a daily basis or whatever, they will just constantly tout the "Big Number" to catch peoples attention, which is box sales. 

    This is meaningless as once someone has bought the box, they could in theory never play it, but ANet will still count it.

    The only true way to measure the amount of people playing is concurrent server load (how many people are playing the game at any one time) but again, ANet will never release this information. 


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