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Warhammer 40k: Dark MIllenium, the single player/multiplayer RPG

freakishbeanfreakishbean Sparks, NVPosts: 176Member Uncommon

I'll admit, my soul was slightly crushed after hearing about the "new direction" of DMO. A SciFi RPG with multiplayer component? 

Anyone want to take a guess on how that will work? The closest thing I can manage to compare that to is Mass Effect. Third person, RPG, cover based shooter. Now, while I find the idea of that level of depth in a 40k game to be incredibly uplifting, I wanted to play DMO for the MASSIVE HUGE PVP battles that only 40k could do. Tanks, Dreadnoughts, Titans. How will the multiplayer component work? How will the story line lead you to using these titanic weapons of war?

My theory: Singleplayer/Co-op campaign ala Neverwinter Nights (which isn't that bad of an idea.) For the Multiplayer side: Battlefield 40k.

Battlefield, frickin, 40k.

The races you play as are dependant on the maps you play. This means it is possible to play as Tyranids and Necrons. Each race is now officially it's own faction. Your character levels up as you play the multiplayer side of things ala BF3. You unlock new upgraded weapons and equipment, freely jump into and out of vehicles (except Dreadnoughts), you procure Bikes, Jetbikes, Thunderhawks, TITANS, PREDATORS, LEMAN RUSS TANKS, MAN THA' TURRETS, ROKKIT LAUNCHA, AHAHALKFJGALGJFAH..

....Ahem. Moving on.

I will still however miss the idea of a persistant world were thousands of other players are fighting along side (and against) my character. Either way, A whole new door opens when the MMO door shuts. We can only see where the current content is, and how it can translate into an actual story-driven campaign, with RPG elements...

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  • NickraiderNickraider Posts: 131Member Uncommon

    I loved Warhammer 40K way of style, but Planetside 2 is going to be taking over the Massive FPS Battles with hopefully thousands vs thousands.

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

     late last month, THQ announced that DMO would shed its MMO skin and reinvent itself as a single-player title. Bilson says that much of what makes the game unique will remain intact, and most importantly, WAR40K "is still sitting with the people who invented it five years ago, and honestly, they are incredibly excited about the new direction."

  • quotheravingquotheraving WorthingPosts: 280Member Uncommon

    Well regardless of the new direction 'Dark millennium no longer Online' is being taken in it is seeming increasingly unlikely that THQ will survive much longer.

    The very same day they announced that DMO would be retailored as a standard single player game the THQ stock price fell by 10 points and has continued to fall steadily day on day making delisting inevitable.

    So what will delisting mean for THQ? Well for a start they will lose even more funding and have to make further layoffs, possibly even forcing them to sell up as a going concern. This raises the strong possibility that they won't even be able to muster the funding to bring DMO to market - in any form.

    Did this need to happen? Hell no! They needed to stoke interest in DMO and have a demonstrably solid fanbase achieved through good communication in order to attract speculative funding since it is clear that a well made MMO in such a popular franchise would be worth big bucks, remember buy shares cheap, sell expensive.


    Nevertheless a dead THQ could be good (obviously not for the employees) since it would free the 40K IP for another publisher to take on. Possibly even allowing unpublished games in development to be sold on.

    I would wager that this instability is why they havent been able to find a partner to help in funding DMO. There is also the possibility that it is not very good... but I consider it more likely that companies are wondering why they should prop up a dying company in the hopes of sharing one of it's properties when they can just wait and loot it's corpse later.

    THQ is even being used as an object lesson in how not to do things, possibly a little unfairly but the criticism has some validity:


    Anyway here's hoping Firefall gets fleshed out with content and that a real 40k MMO might actually appear at some point.

    Quothe signing off



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