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Best gaming mouse ???



  • RoxetteRoxette ZwollePosts: 56Member Uncommon

    I usually use several mice, depending on the game. Mostly I use Naga, Sensei or the cyborg 7

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    Playing: Guild Wars 2, WoT

  • angrymimeangrymime hacienda heights, CAPosts: 154Member

    +1 Naga


    I've used Logitech trackballs for many years.  Although mice users might find using the thumb strange, I loved it.  Why move the whole arm around when you can move accurately with the thumb?

    However with all this talk about high dpi and new gaming mice, I looked at the Nostromos and everything else under the sun and finally decided to try the naga thinking that programmable macros would be cool for playing mmos.  I've had the Naga for exactly a year now and I'm very happy with it.  Looks and functions just like new.  So for at least this customer, nothing but a great experience.


  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon

    I would get a Logitech G700 if I was getting a new mouse right now. Wireless vs wired is a non issue now with the latest tech, but it comes with a data over cable which charges it as well (so it can be true wired OR wireless anyway).

    My brother has a naga and I hate the way they feel in my hand. Definately try to get to a store somewhere and feel them in your hand (buy online though, always better deals)


  • V-L-A-DV-L-A-D NicosiaPosts: 50Member

    Idk about you guys, but I love my A4TECH X7, it should incredibly fit GW2 as it has 2 side buttons, I'll use one for weapon switching and one for dodging... But god I want to buy Cyborg RAT7.

    Sorry for bad English. :)

  • Fir3lineFir3line LisbonPosts: 767Member
    @umie214. I cant disagree more, I've had my razer mice for 7 years now, and its on top condition

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  • blkwltz19blkwltz19 Bellingham, WAPosts: 18Member Common

    Brace yourself...... Before I start my novel, just know this review is about the RAT7 vs standard Naga. If you aren't in the mood for a long read (sorry, I enjoy writing and go overboard): In my opinion - Naga > RAT7. 

    *And as others said, get to a store, hold them, try them etc. You can read and spend hours researching, but ultimately, it's about what feels right for you.

    I had the RAT7 for just over a year and had no complaints. It was just an awesome mouse, and each time I swapped the grip out or the palm rest, it felt like an entirely new mouse. Never had any issues with the tracking, though I am using a $30 mouse pad.... Granted, a hair or dust would get onto/around the laser area and the tracking would be thrown off. Simply blowing on the bottom and quickly wiping off the mouse pad fixed it. 

    Now, after a year, I'd become mightliy attached to the RAT, but started to want something new. For me, the RAT is too flat. I play the piano and am used to having my hands in more of a 'claw' posistion, but the RAT didn't support the natural curve of that type of grip (for me! others might not have this issue). During extended sessions with it, it would become uncomfortable, no matter how much I switched around the grips/weights/thumb rest angle etc etc. The RAT7 does come with an elevated palm grip, but for me, the elevation point is too far back and makes it awkward unless pushed in fully. And even then, I could not stand it for too long before I swapped it back to the other plam  rests. 

    My step-brother owned the 1g WoW mouse for some time, and that was on the complete opposite side of 'palm elevation'. I always wanted to find a mouse that was in between those two. That, and as some big name MMO's coming out soon, I wanted more buttons on the mouse (RAT7 has the 2 thumb rest and the thumb wheel, making 4 total programmable extra buttons).  Speaking of thumb wheel, I had issues with macros in game. Sometimes, I would have to 'spin' the thumb wheel in the direction of the macro I wanted for the macro to work. This meant sometimes if I tried to click the wheel just by 1 position, the software/hardware would not always register it. Also, I found the thumb wheel a tad out of place, and was not always the easiest to reach in a raging battle. (okay, i do have to admit here that practicing and instrument, such as the piano, made it easier to reach the wheel. Try it! =) The new MMO7 had me all excited as it looked...well... awesome. And it fit the bill for exdtra buttons. Problem is, I knew I would have the same comfort issues as the RAT7. And it is a bit out of my budget ($130).

    So, I wised up and took advantage of the 2yr warranty I bought from Best Buy to essentially swap it for another mouse. Best Buy doesn't have the full selection of, say, newegg or other online sources, so my options were limited (remember, I'm looking for more buttons and a higher 'arch' support for the palm). I had $109 store credit to use, and price matching (at this BB location) is questionable. The only gaming mice they stock are the Naga, Deathadder?, and some Logitech I can't remember. I was looking to switch my RAT for something in time for the Tera betas, but only had the BB warranty to use. After a few weeks, BB finally restocked the Naga, and I hastily went in to make the switch. 

    I should note, I do TONS of research before I buy something. From what I was finding, I was leaning towards the Naga, but wanted to find the dirty on it. Called my brother who's had the Naga for a few months less than I've had my RAT. His hands are larger than mine, and he said reaching the 1-3 and 9-12 buttons was odd. Other than that, he's still very happy with it. 

    Once at BB, before I returned my RAT, I grabbed the Naga, and opened the viewing window. I wanted to try to get a feel for it before I switched, (and they wouldn't let me take it out of the box). But, pleasantly, when I placed my hand on the Naga, even in the viewing window, I was instantly satisfied. 

    Once hooked up to my computer, I thought I should have gone with the Naga instead of the RAT before. The difference in the feel was astounding. For me, it was way more ergonomic and fit my hand quite well. The L/R mouse buttons are 'mushy' compared the RAT, and I have found in FPS games, holding the R button can be....interesting. The RAT definately has more 'clicky' L/R buttons. Now, I could not be more happy with the Naga. My hands are smaller and I find reaching all 1-12 buttons on the grid a breeze. *I will say, using the RAT and learning to reach back for the thumb wheel has helped in reaching for the 9/12 keys, as it feels like that is comparatively where it was. Razer threw in a 'training' gudie for the button grid, with little sticky nubs to help memorize the layout of the buttons. Though, for me, I booted up Tera and immedietly was using all keys without looking down at the grid (okay, skills were 1-6 and the mount was mapped to the 10 key). I am not kidding when I say immedietly. 

    The Naga does not have a weight system, so it was extemely light compared the RAT, especially since the last while I was using the RAT, I had all 30g of weights in. What I noticed because of this, is the Naga seems more sensitive at lower DPI settings. I had to mess around with the DPI and for the first time (as the RAT had no way of changing them) changing the accel and polling rates. I found 500mhz, accel at 3, and DPI at 300 (on a 24" 1080p monitor), the Naga feels very responsive. Note, I downloaded drivers/FW update/Synapse 2.0 right out of the box. 

    So far, the only issue I'm having with the Naga is lift issues. I never found this an issue with the RAT, though as I reflect, I never lifted the RAT so much. The Naga seems to have a second or so of time after setting it back down, where the cursor does not register. Not a big deal in MMO's for me, but in FPS games, it has become  a bit of an issue. At the time, I was using 1800dpi, and have since switched to the aforementioned 3000dpi. ( Oh and I programmed the 2 buttons normally forward/back for dpi switching. I found these two buttons are a pain to reach, I either have to rotate my hand to use my thumb, or awkwardly shift my hand to the left slightly and use my pointer finger. Using them for DPI switching, I found, is a good use for them). 

    Oh, and I should mention, as awesome as the LED's are, the LED's on the button grid seem to get warm after being on for a while. Even if I haven't touched the mouse for a time, they tend to be warm.

    In the end, I am not looking back at the RAT7, though I might pick up the MMO7 in the future to try it out. The Naga is my choice for MMO's/general use. But if you play FPS more so, just realize the L/R buttons can be weird to use at first (using the grid for weapons switching is awesome though!!). 

    *In case anyone is wondering, I did get BB to pricematch current online Naga prices at $70. Though I was a fool and didn't see the Naga Epic (which is wired/wireless, has customizable LED's and 3 different pinkie grips, and the 2 side buttons are moved) online most places for $105. I could have spent a few dollars more to get the Epic =(  although for me, it's too late. Used the leftover $30 or so from store credit on snacks lol

  • wartyxwtwartyxwt margatePosts: 172Member

    My good old M$ intellimouse has survived everything I've thrown at it for years. But I don't need a lot of mouse binds, if you want those it'd be crap!

  • ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by umie214

    Originally posted by slicknslim88

    I took a cue from xenpt's thread about headsets to make this thread.  I was pleasantly surprised at how positive people were in his thread, and of the great advice that was given.  I'm also looking for a gaming mouse to buy before GW2 releases to replace my 7 dollar shit one.
    So what is the best gaming mouse out there?  which one's do all of you prefer?
    Also, I'm on a budget, so please keep your suggestions on gaming mouses under 150 dollars, preferably under 100 dollars though.


    im somewhat passionate about the subject after being let down by Razer mice (their mechanical keyboard is awesome though). Razer mice are not build to last. theyre cheaply made. I bought the Deathadder last year, and after 3 months of moderate use, the scroll wheel stopped working. i was looking into buying the Naga, but read from many people that it breaks down after about a year of use or less.

    the Logitech G9x is by far one of the best mice on the market. check out the stellar user reviews.

    you can adjust the weight, DPI and covers. it has 9 programmable buttons (the wheel bends left and right efforlessly), and feels amazing in the hand. based on all the Newegg reviews, it has lasted people 2+ years.

    Dissapointing to hear you have had such issues.


    I own two razer keyboards (Tarantula & Black Widow Ultimate) as well as 2 mice (Imperator & Mamba) as well as the Megalodon headset and each peripheral has seen well over 1000 hours use. I play a whole range of games, some more demanding than others, but my kit gets a lot of *heavy* use and even when I'm not gaming I'm using it for work purposes as well. I probably spend on average of 5-6 hours a day during the weekdays on my PC and anything up to 12-18 hours at weekends if I'm not out and about.

    I have heard a few other people say they had issues with Razer gear, either I'm very lucky or some people are very unlucky.

  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon

    Best mouse ever i use it sinds 1964:D


    Hope to build full AMD system RYZEN/VEGA/AM4!!!

    MB:Asus V De Luxe z77
    CPU:Intell Icore7 3770k
    GPU: AMD Fury X(waiting for BIG VEGA 10 or 11 HBM2?(bit unclear now))
    MEMORY:Corsair PLAT.DDR3 1866MHZ 16GB
    PSU:Corsair AX1200i
    OS:Windows 10 64bit

  • SanguinelustSanguinelust Plainfield, NJPosts: 811Member Uncommon

    I use a Naga and love it. In the current maximum pc mag they do a comparison with the naga and the cyborg 7 and I agree with them on most points with the naga the clear winner. You get used to the thumb buttons really quickly. I use it for all types of gaming too RTS, shooters, MMO's you name it I'd use it for it.

  • astoriaastoria Silver Spring, MDPosts: 1,681Member

    I liked the Naga, but it physically broke after 9 months. I also found I wasn't using all the buttons. I got a Cyborg Rat 7 and it is a tank.

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  • ThemePorkThemePork Boston, MAPosts: 312Member

     Best gaming mouse ???

    One that has a cable and doesn't break after 200 hours of frenzied clicking.

  • ArchidArchid Posts: 201Member Uncommon

    I dont understand people with fansy mouses like naga or something complex and wierd looking ones...

    The one and only : G500 ladies and gentlemen!

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  • strangepowersstrangepowers Tybee Island, GA.Posts: 619Member Uncommon

    I own 4 mice atm, and one of them is a Naga and I don't recommend it. 

    The naga while useful to an extent is built very cheaply and tends to be very cramped for average to large hands.

    I can vouch for the classic Logitech MX510 as it gave me years of comfort and usage yet the current mouse that I bought to replace my naga (which is working, just not my cup of tea) is the Logitech G500.

    One of the most obvious pros with the Logitech mice is the build quality, they feel solid both in construction and materials.

    In addition with the Logitech setpoint software you can bind and custom profile any game with just about as many keys as the naga. 

    I was pretty excited to first get my Naga but I figured out pretty quickly that the marketing outweighed the features.



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  • When my Logitech MX1000 finally started acting up (after 5+ years), I went looking for something better and spent a lot of time researching and testing different mice.  I didn't like the feel and/or button placement on the Logitech and Razer mice, so I finally settled on this:

    Steelseries Gaming Mouse

    I know the WoW theme is a turn off (almost didn't buy it because of that), but I couldn't find anything comprable which had that many extra buttons that were as easily distinguishable and accessible.

    I like that it's corded because that keeps it lightweight (no batteries) and I don't have to worry about it dieing after a long gaming session.  The thumb buttons are perfectly placed and easy to press.  The extra buttons for the index and middle fingers aren't quite as easy to hit but I like having them for secondary functions (like opening my character's inventory or map), and the ring finger button took some getting used to (because I've never had one before) but once I did it became second nature.

    The software is very well done.  All buttons can be programmed for any keypress or macro to work with any game, not just WoW, and you can have up to 10 different profiles for different games.

  • FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Tempe, AZPosts: 1,036Member

    Originally posted by Kyelthis

    I'm loving my Logitech G500. I used to have a Razer mouse but due to having issues with it and my Razer headset, I'll stick to Logitech from now on. Look up the G500 (wired) and the G600 (wireless). Both feel great, not bulky and have plenty of options for gaming.

    I have a Logitech G300. I hate the cheap light weight of it and the fact that the right mouse button is so pressure sensitive. I cant rest my finger on it without accidentally clicking. I only picked it up because it was cheap and it had more programmable buttons than my old MS Razor.

    I would suggest staying away from Logitech, though, for the simple fact that their gaming software seems to be terribly buggy. I've had my mouse macros completely stop responding at times. It particularly doesn't like my Zune software. If I open my Zune player, my mouse macros stop working until I minimize the Zune player window, and re-open the Logitech Gaming Software.

    The software also doesn't allow you to replace the right and left mouse click keys. It forces you to always have right and left click assigned to a key.

  • synnsynn killeen, TXPosts: 541Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by umie214

    the Naga is a terrible, cheap mouse. Razer stuff will break down in less than a year.

    you're either just trolling or just don't know how to take care of your stuff. I've had my naga since it first came out and even took it with me on my deployment to afghanistan. Although the laptop I took with me might not be in the best condition(son broke the screen after I redeployed) my mouse still works like a charm.

  • RequiamerRequiamer ???Posts: 2,034Member

    Originally posted by RoyalPhunk

    Corsair M90 actually REPLACED my Naga. Didn't think it would be possible but it did.

    This mouse look amazing, i'm reading right now about it.

    But how good is the software, people seam to have an on/off switch about this, some say it just don't work and you can't use thumbs key in any games (obviously a deal breaker), some say its awesome with the hardware macro that work on all games. So, anyone can confirm this?


  • EmrendilEmrendil TirionPosts: 199Member
  • BigDave7481BigDave7481 OKC, OKPosts: 298Member

    I prefer the Razer Mamba over the Naga.  All those buttons aren't needed in 90% of games and the Mamba is ergonomic and mimics a natural hand position which is essential to long gaming sessions.


  • RequiamerRequiamer ???Posts: 2,034Member

    I use fingertip grip, so i never ordered the naga, really was about to do it many time because of the buttons, but the mouse just look too big and seam to have to much hight, i'm pretty sure it will not fit my grip style and will interfer, i really wish i could test it before ordering but i can't. Anyone of you guys use a fingertips grip and a naga, how does it perform? I don't have huge and big hand, but i have have very long and thin fingers and they do all the job in controling my mouse, my palm is actually resting on the mat and don't move when using the mouse.

  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare

    Cataclysm Gaming mouse.

    It is the best mouse I have ever held in my hand. However, this is subjective...obviously.

  • ooazraelooooazraeloo Toronto, ONPosts: 92Member Uncommon

    I use a Cyborg RAT 7. Very nice mouse, I have used it for about 9 months, with only 1 issue, upon loading into O/S I have to load my mouse profile (which may be completely my own fault for not looking for a way to set it as primary)

    The mouse has quite a few features.

    - Adjustable body length/width to fit your hand (thumb button pad is adjustable too for people with longer/shorter thumbs)

    - Weights to adjust how heavy/light mouse is.

    - Several different addon parts to adjust from a smooth surface palm rest to a rubberized one, and fins for thumb and/or pinky rests so your fingers dont slide along the mousepad

    - 5600 DPI mouse super fast, with on the fly adjustment button for changing DPI (plus a precission aim button for quick DPI change while held)

    - all keys are fully programable, even with scripts, and a togggle button to switch between upto 3 different profile layouts

    - Solid metal chassis makes the mouse sturdy and stable

    - corded version had a braided cord to help with twisting/tangling


     Now the mouse doesnt have all the buttons that some others have. But if that is of concern they have brought out a newer version called the Cyborg MMO 7. which has 13 buttons compared to 7 on the Cyborg RAT 7

  • HotcellHotcell Richmond Hill, ONPosts: 278Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by BigDave7481

    I prefer the Razer Mamba over the Naga.  All those buttons aren't needed in 90% of games and the Mamba is ergonomic and mimics a natural hand position which is essential to long gaming sessions.


    I second this. Mine is working excellent since I bought it 1.5 yrs ago. It's comfortable and the extra buttons are well placed.

    However the battery life is somewhat messed up after a year.. so now I'm using it wired. No problem for me but it may concern people who want wireless mouse.
  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

    mouse are a different story tho!you have to go in store and test it !cause you ll be stuck with it after!and if the mouse isnt adjustable enough not big enough etc you will be having a 1000 reply thread here within a day raging about who the eck suggested men in black gaming mouse to you!

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