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GW2 paypal - anyone managed to pay ?

LobotomistLobotomist ZagrebMember Posts: 5,450 Rare

I am constantly getting "There was an error with your request. Please check your information and try again."

Anyone managed to get trough ?


  • NBlitzNBlitz ZwolleMember Posts: 1,904
    Yes, keep trying.
  • WuushuWuushu StockholmMember Posts: 53 Common

    PayPal option worked for me after a substantial amount of tries, registered and linked accounts now. :) Keep trying!

  • DeolusDeolus DoncasterMember Posts: 392

    Yes, no problems here.

    Do you have a different email address for your PayPal account? I've seen problems in other games where email addresses don't match.

  • cloud8521cloud8521 Toronto, ONMember Posts: 878

    i only took 2 tries :D

  • CruizerkeCruizerke Member Posts: 68 Uncommon

    Their system is just bogged right now with so many people trying to pre-purchase. I paid with PayPal and it took me about 10 minutes of " Try Again" clicking til it finaly got through. My PayPal and Account emails are different, but it went through unlike some other systems where the email addresses need to match.

  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAMember Posts: 3,681 Uncommon

    Got through with paypal. If you get the "error retrieving order" error on the left, click retry. Second retry and the info updated and I was able to click the purchase button. Got code and paypal receipt almost instantly.

    I had trouble getting ht e registration page to accept my GW1 info, so I just created a new account and will link accounts later. (The support page faq says that you will be able to link accounts with a different email address, but they aren't sure when or how at this point).

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  • MagnetiaMagnetia SydneyMember Posts: 1,012 Uncommon

    Gotten a little smoother over time. Keep trying XD

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  • Kyuz0oKyuz0o FrankfurtMember Posts: 80

    Didn`t work with Firefox or IE but worked for me with Google Chrome!


  • DanitaKusorDanitaKusor AdelaideMember Posts: 553 Uncommon

    Worked for me eventually... but then they sent the confirmation e-mail out and it was in german.

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  • DraftbeerDraftbeer SzarvasMember Posts: 517 Uncommon

    Still not working for me - going to wait a hour or two and try it again.

  • LobotomistLobotomist ZagrebMember Posts: 5,450 Rare

    Worked with Chrome -

    Firefox seems to be problem for some reason...

  • TROLL_HARDTROLL_HARD Caucasian/WhiteMember Posts: 312

    Worked for me with Chrome.


  • Saxx0nSaxx0n PR/Brand Manager BitBox Ltd. Hell, CAMember Posts: 923 Uncommon

    Using Firefox and with three clicks I was done.

  • GorillaGorilla Member Posts: 2,231 Uncommon

    The paypal option is greyed out for me? Anyone else have that?


  • SeariasSearias Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 719 Uncommon

    Originally posted by Gorilla

    The paypal option is greyed out for me? Anyone else have that?

    It's not greyed to me. I would try a different browser.

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  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinMember Posts: 974

    Got a text from my buddy in Paypal Ireland, hes not working on that account but says it got some eyebrow raises from higher ups for the massive increase but didnt say it wasnt working, worked for me anyway XD

  • GorillaGorilla Member Posts: 2,231 Uncommon

    Originally posted by seastarx

    Originally posted by Gorilla

    The paypal option is greyed out for me? Anyone else have that?

    It's not greyed to me. I would try a different browser.

    Thanks, actually was a proxy issue.

  • sassoonsssassoonss Monroe Town Patricia Palace, NYMember Posts: 1,110 Uncommon


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