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Are some people using scripts to loot?

ItinerantItinerant Jacksonville, FLPosts: 89Member Uncommon


While playing this game about 10-15 hours now, I noticed some items being looted with lightning speed, without even stopping walking as they loot.

Is this a distance from server, ping issue, ya think?

Or is there a some auto-looting script some players are using to speed loot any important kills?


I just gave up 2 years of Darkfall, and the cheating there was never truely gone. I just don't want to invest any time in a game, where running cheat and pixel detection scripts for basic functions, like looting, are required just to compete in the game.


  • EluwienEluwien EspooPosts: 194Member Uncommon


    Got a phone call in the between, so it took almost 45 seconds to google it.

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  • HauvarnHauvarn Walker, LAPosts: 220Member

    Originally posted by Eluwien
    Got a phone call in the between, so it took almost 45 seconds to google it.


    Yes I played SWTOR.

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