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Chanter, how has it changed?

RasereiRaserei webster, MAPosts: 1,022Member Uncommon


How has the chanter changed since launch? Gotten better with buffs? More damage oriented? The same? Nerfed?


I liked the chanters playstyle at launch... Is it the same or what?


  • eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    They are still comparable to launch. The biggest change is that you now can skill a (stigma) support tree that actually allows you to replace clerics (that mostly went DPS tree anyway these days) as main healer in a most engame instances.

    Just for the record: They are still the weakest pvp class. That didn't change since beta.

    They'll get changed a lot in 3.0 though, so check 3.0 release notes before you decide on if you want to play the class.

  • RasereiRaserei webster, MAPosts: 1,022Member Uncommon

    why does chanter suck in pvp? What mechanic? Damage? Stun? CC? what?

  • eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Raserei

    why does chanter suck in pvp? What mechanic? Damage? Stun? CC? what?

    They lack damage, crowd control and survivablity. They can be usefull in parties but when they solo/duo they are usually too weak too kill anything if there's no bigger gear and/or level difference helping them.

  • pedrostrikpedrostrik lisboaPosts: 388Member Uncommon

    good chanters can kill all classes around manastones with crit+accuracy and you are a knockdown machine, and survivability its their best point, on 10 chaos arenas they rule, and even on 1X1 they are a nasty speed killer machines, but if you lack any skill every class sucks, that´s all around their stigma tree , if you choice healer path you are framed on pvp, if you go dmg you rule.

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