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Looking for a Game

MotokoHuttMotokoHutt GalashielsPosts: 49Member

Dear people of MMORPG Forums, about a year or more ago I stopped playing the Game Darkeden, I left this game due to multiple reasons like I had been playing it for 9 almost 10 years & the server I was playing was extremely unbalanced & the Admin's didn't like me speaking truthfully to them about it, ever since I have played many games from PWI to Grand Fantasia, Ether Saga to WOW & all I seem to find is that they are all mainly social Based games, I am looking for something more in the Hardcore & Strategic sort of area, I have written a list of Game requirements & I was wondering if anyone could make a suggestion to me on a game that fits this list or at-least more then less.

1. Must be Low to Medium Graphic Quality (Nothing to Graphically power hungry as I plan to run it of my temp laptop)

2. 3D or Isometric doesn't matter

3. must not have Gender locked classes/races

4. If relationships can be made in game for Same Sex couples to be able to make a relation as well

5. Open PvP or Not doesn't really Matter as long as the PvP is Balanced or at least reasonably Balanced

6. Grind Oriented or Quest Oriented doesn't matter as long as the Exp rate isn't too fast or too slow

7. at least a aspect of Skill based combat rather then being about your classes skills (no games were people can Stun Lock enemies)

8. at least a reasonably large Map, Open Map or Area based doesn't matter.

9. Good Progression system, needs to be a game were you really want to get higher because the benefits it gives you not one that has nothing or little to look forward too.

10. Horror or Fantasy etc doesn't really matter as long as the game play is good (I am 19 nearly 20 so age restriction isn't a worry)

11. Character Based, must not be a spaceship or any type of Machine Based game.

12. must not be a god style game, I don't want any Command & Conquer style games

this is all I could think to put on my list so far, if you have further questions about things I may not have covered please feel free to ask & I will reply in kind, ty to who ever decides to contribute I appreciate any & all help.


  • EbbsEbbs Traverse City, MIPosts: 6Member

    Im not too sure if this fits your search criteria but you should check out SWTOR. They do free trials at if you want to check it out.

  • just1opinionjust1opinion Kansas City, MOPosts: 4,641Member Uncommon


    Have you tried Runescape?  I enjoyed it for quite some time.  You can play it free to play, but I found it to be a lot more fun on the pay to play plan of a whopping 5 USD a month. :)

    President of The Marvelously Meowhead Fan Club

  • MotokoHuttMotokoHutt GalashielsPosts: 49Member

    TY for the feedback guys/girls & yes I have tried Ruin scape & played it for about 1 years with old Friends, I found it all right but lacking in some way & also abit slow for my Taste, I prefer faster combat doesn't have to be extremely fast just moderately fast, ty all the same though, as to the other game Suggested I will give it a look in 2 secs & post my feedback on the game kk :3

  • MotokoHuttMotokoHutt GalashielsPosts: 49Member

    ok I just checked it out & unfortunately I was instantly put off that it was Star wars XD I didn't realise that it was at first, I am not really a Star wars fan & find the story line abit to over dramatic & unrealistic, I appreciate your help though but even if the game play is good I can't rely see myself playing a game based on the Star War's series.

  • MotokoHuttMotokoHutt GalashielsPosts: 49Member

    Maybe to warn all new contributors I don't really like Star War's, Star Trek, Battle star Galacticer or any game based on DC or Marvel Comics, sorry all people that do :(

  • SuffurSuffur Tempe, COPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    Ive been struggling to find something for the past year. The wait is almost over with Aion going F2P and Tera/Secret World coming out... but as for right now? Good luck. If you find something worthwhile let me know lol.

  • MotokoHuttMotokoHutt GalashielsPosts: 49Member

    sure can do but it seems like maybe you have gotten me wrong, I am sorry to all people that I failed to mention that I have no problem with a Game being not free to play, all though if the game isn't F2P I would Like there to be a Free Trial or at least a extensive Review for the game :3

    also in regards to all the games you just mentioned I did mention that I am needing to run the game off a Temp laptop which has High CPU & RAM but is not very great in terms of Graphics so I couldn't even dream of playing one of them games on my laptop without completely crashing it XD

  • MotokoHuttMotokoHutt GalashielsPosts: 49Member

    for all those new contributors if you want to know what Graphics I can run I am using a "Samsung R530" feel free to research its stats :)

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