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General: Forget the Scores



  • MacroHardMacroHard Fairfax, VAPosts: 104Member

    Originally posted by BillMurphy

    The thing is, we do have a wide range of scores late on the site.  And I feel that every score we've given in recent months has been justified by the reviewer.  The problem lies in the fact that scores ultimately remain subjective, just as the opinions contained within the written review do.
    We are neither "right" nor "wrong".  But we are always honest.


    i've seen similar types of reviews differ in the scores they give.  You guys should take a look again at your scoring system and what you map it after.. and I would start by not going by the standard U.S. school grading system.  That way it can actually make some sense.

  • dnadestinyxdnadestinyx Phoenix, AZPosts: 22Member

    A score is easy to see, simple, and concise.  People on the internet don't like reading. So yeah, I agree that a score isn't a good thing to use in judging something, but it's really all people care about.

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