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Recuiting (Guardian) greybriar

gizackgizack Flushing, NYPosts: 59Member

we are on greybriar and looking for new blood. We have cleared all content and ready for the new end game raid ID

this is our site take a look and hit us up with any of youre questions.


  • gizackgizack Flushing, NYPosts: 59Member

    Current Recruitment Needs: April 2, 2011

    We are currently interested in finding any of the following:

    Cleric Healer (able to DPS as well)

    Warrior DPS

    Rogue DPS

  • gizackgizack Flushing, NYPosts: 59Member
    We are continuing our recruitment for ID progression. We keep a small roster so you can expect to be raiding the same week you've been accepted for trial. We are looking for any of the following roles:


    We are currently full on DPS Warriors, however we will consider someone who enjoys tanking and is ready to step into ID.


    We are currently seeking Clerics who either prefer to tank or be main tank healers. We do not currently have room for Clerics seeking to specialize in DPS, although being able to DPS on the side is an added bonus.


    We currently are looking for Mages that enjoy DPS. Currently our Chloromancer and Archon positions are filled.


    We are currently interested in Rogues that can either tank or DPS. Our bard position is currently filled.
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