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How long should the CD on WvW be?



  • DarknezzzzDarknezzzz VentspilsPosts: 82Member

    As long as possible. Probably 2 weeks until the new rotation. Because it is not interesting, when a person just constantly changes servers, being a pvp w***e just because his first server looses. That would result in huge population of one server and no population for another.


  • bongolinbongolin SofiaPosts: 31Member

    You missed the "None" point in the poll, unless the "Until new rotation" is few mins tops?! Why should there be any delay, to say more then 5 mins? Everybody ahve the timer and then all are teleported out of WvW and it reset. Dont think this will take long, dunno?!

  • Shroom_MageShroom_Mage Lafayette, LAPosts: 863Member

    Locking a player out from playing is a bad idea. Why would ArenaNet want to ban you from a part of the game for using one of their services?

    Just increase the time it takes before you can get the bonuses.

    How is this even a thread? How would anyone think adding a lockout timer is a good idea?

    It'll probably cost gems to switch anyway. A single player might fork it over every few weeks, but a whole guild? Unlikely.

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  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,682Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by feena750

    I think until a new server rotation occurs.  Otherwise people may still switch servers to win in that round.

    Exactly. Agreed. At least the cooldown on receiving any of the benefits, they may not have much of a cooldown on being able to fight for the new server.

    We know that your buffs from your home server follow you when you visit other worlds for PvE. So, I'm guessing that you will remain tied to your previous Home Server for the next full two week rotation, but it's possible you may be able to fight for your new Home Server sooner than that.

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