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Auto Assault: Dev Profile: Ryan Seabury

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Ryan Seabury is the Design Director at NetDevil. The driving force behind Auto Assault, we catch up with Ryan and get some insights into his job, how he got there and the future of both Auto Assault and NetDevil's other game Jumpgate.

image One of the catch phrases often thrown about the industry is that many bemoan a lack of innovation in MMORPGs. Auto Assault and Jumpgate have both strayed from the beaten path. How do you see the industry breaking out of its current rut of class based fantasy RPGs? Or do you?

Ryan Seabury: I certainly see differentiation happening at some point, it's inevitable. Look at traditional "offline" games, how many are fantasy-based versus other settings? Clearly, there is a large demand for other settings and game types. Yet for some reason, 80%+ of existing MMO offerings are in a fairly routine fantasy environment.

I think one obvious vector of change in the near future is the adaptation of more and more popular licenses from movies and books to MMO settings, we're already starting to see a few pop up here and there. Offering a longtime fan of a license the chance to live out alternate lives in the worlds they already cherish in an interactive setting is just too easy to not do.

Beyond that, there are endless original genres and settings and mechanics to explore in MMO worlds as well, something that NetDevil intends to point out with every one of our games.

You may read the entire article here

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Quebec, QCPosts: 7,433Member

    I did laugh loud when I read the stuff about 40 devs having their own idea of what is "fun" and been jammed in the middle of it. image 



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  • DarkwarlordDarkwarlord Castle Rock, COPosts: 76Member
    What I think is that most MMO's stick to a single idea and all the developers work on it.  If people have many conflicting ideas and even less agreements that means that a lot of content for many types of players will make it into it.  Yes I know straying from the orginal goal is some times bad but think of it, many games get better with updates right? Well updates are changes of the orginal idea of the game and what does it do? It makes that game better.  With Auto Assault already doing that, it will start out better then most games do who are stressed with time.  For Example, Halo 2 had to cut back on a ton of contant not yet even started just so they can get it out before people lose intrest in it.  Auto Assault didnt worry about this fact, and look at them, Most Anticipated, Best of E3 for 2 years. This game has it going and will have it even if they go for another year in development.

    They hooked me a year ago and I basicly have followed it around for so long I feel like Im playing it right now

    P.S. I CANT WAIT!! image

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