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Is rift Europe active or are all the servers dead?

SararielSarariel GlasgowPosts: 301Member Uncommon

Are any RP servers on Rift EU active? Or is the game basically dead over here?


  • SararielSarariel GlasgowPosts: 301Member Uncommon

    No one know? ._.

  • CericXCericX Columbia, MOPosts: 69Member

    Population in EU is kinda light.


    Go with BloodIron, Icewatch, or Riptalon and you should be fine.

  • unrealunreal Constanta, AKPosts: 53Member

    Argent is fairly active. You'll find more RP on the guardian side, if that's what you're looking for, however.

  • SporinSporin FalkirkPosts: 18Member

    Argent is empty, at 7pm UK time there is about 10 online in Sanctum and 20 in Meridian, there may be a few more kicking about the new isle, but as it's totally crap & a daily grind bore, I don't go near it. :(




  • NopexNopex BirminghamPosts: 86Member

    Bloodiron is extremely well populated at all times.

    Every now and again you get a minute or two server queue, which seem to suggest to me population is just right. 

    Have to be honest and say it's gotten a little laggy even recently.  Some big guilds have moved off the server because of it which has alleviated the problem.

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