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am I allowed to sign up for Beta?

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,551Member Uncommon

I want to beta this game. seems like a Scifi (MAG) !!! sounds awesome


I wanted a replacment for MAG now. 256 players!!! Wow!!!!


come on, Sign my ass up for beta please




  • DarwaDarwa CambridgePosts: 2,176Member Uncommon

    Just send an email to and plead your case :)

  • dsmartdsmart Florida, USAPosts: 386Member Uncommon

    While there is no guarantee of acceptance, anyone can sign up for the Beta. Just go to

    However, if you are a fan of the FB page, then your odds of getting in are even HIGHER



    Game developers are just human beings who happen to make games for a living.
    If you want to hold us up to higher standards of conduct, then go ahead
    ...but don't be surprised if we don't uphold them.

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