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The worst gamers' nightmare...

ArchDracoArchDraco Montreal, QCPosts: 9Member

MW I - the original Myth War - had a huge community. The original developpers and/or IGG have stopped upgrading the game for over one year now. Instead, they built another game (MW II) which is a cheaper, uglier and lamer version of the original. No real MW serious player wants any of it and yet, IGG is forcing all the players to move into the new MW II, pretending it is better and so forth.

IGG says it is transferring some characters to the new MW II, forcing its community to play a game they don't like in the first place.

Not only that, many of us have spent hundreds of real dollars to play that game because, as a community, we really enjoyed playing together. We bought items, pets, equipment, items, weapons because the ingame items were pretty lame and we wanted to make it to reborn.

Lo and behold, when they transfer our characters in January (not sure what date, not sure how to go about it, not sure of anything in fact), they will first transform your high level pets into weaklings, your items/equipment/weapons may disappear but the item mall will be made readily available in an ingame window for all to access.

Whenever we try to get some info/explanation from the staff, either in forum or ingame GMs, we are told we are being stupid, to quit whining and insulting us with all kinds of comments,  trying to silence us into submission.

I know some players have spent thousands of real dollars to play MW and all their money, time and efforts are treated like nothing, with utter disrespect from IGG.

You may argue that there are a lot of better games, etc etc... but what made it so special is the people we met and played with and when you find a nice community, you're always willing to overlook the glitches in a game. IGG should treat its community with respect after all, they exist because we pay them.

It is really sad that some companies act like dictators, thinking they can do anything they like just because we like their games.

However, there is hope. We got together and moved to another FTP game, which is a lot better and user-friendly and, most important, a lot cheaper. In fact, the whole game can be played without ever visiting the item mall.

I hope that companies like IGG, who are only interested in making money and don't care about their members, go down in hell for eternity.

The same is happening with their other games, ie Tales of Pirates: their best members are leaving in droves, which is quite telling of IGG's irresponsible behaviour.

Just wanted everyone to know not to set foot in there without a warning.



  • TragenshavTragenshav Ft. Lewis, WAPosts: 8Member

    Just got back after a two month break and the game is gone . I knew IGG were a bunch of lame turds but this really took the cake. BTW what game did you all switch to. As long as it isn't run by IGG i'd love to check it out.

    Reality TV, no winners or Loosers, just inane crap that kills brain cells.

  • ArchDracoArchDraco Montreal, QCPosts: 9Member

    Hi Tragenshav, tks for replying.

    The new game I'm referring to is Perfect World International. It's just awesome but you can check it out for yourself. Not sure if we're allowed to post links in here, but you will find it in the game list.

    My main character is a (full attack/not healer) Cleric and is lev 56 and so far, I haven't done any grinding yet, just quests, and I'm loving this game more every day.

    As for Myth War I (or the original, as they call it), IGG has closed the servers and many players never had a chance to properly transfer their characters to MW II, for lack of proper handling by IGG staff, thereby losing everything they had invested.

    As for their other games, Tales of Pirates was supposed to be upgraded in January but nothing has been done to improve it.

    Anyway, I really hope you can fin solace with PWI, and hope to see you in game. My main character is ExELFine.




  • TragenshavTragenshav Ft. Lewis, WAPosts: 8Member

    Thanks, see you in game. I didn't make it "in time" to transfer my character either. But I did contact live support and they stated to submit as much info as I had and they would "see" what could be done. I have a feeling that "nothing" is the answer I'm gonna get. Its worth a try and if they don't then I walk away. pissed off, mad as hell etc.... but since they pulled their crap there is not much else to do. Hell if this game is as good as you have said I might still walk away no matter the results.

    Reality TV, no winners or Loosers, just inane crap that kills brain cells.

  • lootdudehahalootdudehaha new york, ALPosts: 8Member

    in fact, i think this game is very good, i ve been playing for it for a couple of years, but the company who runs it is too lazy to update it,.


    sigh, i m so upset to see this game dying, and i think it is already dead now.


    good things never last long.


    i guess its the rule of our real world.


    good bye, Myth war.

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