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Resonance - Australian/ NZ/ Oceanic PVP and PVE Guild

AnnarkeyAnnarkey SydneyPosts: 5Member


Resonance is a semi-hardcore PvX Oceanic Guild Wars 2 guild with a very strong focus towards WvW and sPvP. We are looking for mature individuals who are passionate about what they do, motivated to achieve goals and have a laid-back and positive attitude.
While mostly Australian, we do have a few members from the broader Oceanic region and we’re connected with a broader community to increase the awesome. We're an eclectic mix of incredible people who enjoy discussing Guild Wars 2 while hanging out on the forums or voice chat and making friends in our downtime. At our most productive we're creating, producing and participating in things none of us expected we'd do when we started Resonance.
We intend to make a name for ourselves in the Oceanic and GW2 communities, and be involved as much as one guild possibly can. We are a strong force and have much to offer to the atmosphere on our home server of choice. While we have a more social approach we do have members with a strong interest in being competitive in all gaming aspects. Our philosophy is to be a community first, to promote an atmosphere that allows all members to feel comfortable in their own gaming styles and respected for who they are. This also promotes a lighter atmosphere when competing, which radiates into the performance of players.
To support our philosophy goals we expect members are mature, understanding and willing to communicate. While not mutually exclusive to each other, we prefer to grant merit based on the quality of involvement and input within the community, over quantity. We also know real life needs to come first, and will not penalize members for this, however it is important that members accept realistic goals for achievement within the time they have to participate.
We intend to conquer challenging PvE content, as well as owning the PvP and WvW battlefields. Though in-between kicking butt we're also quite likely to be found exploring the world and getting up to no good or starting pick-up games of tag in the city. The idea of bar brawls is extremely alluring to this lot, and if there's random shenanigans happening in the game world, we're probably involved.
While we strive to educate ourselves on the mechanics of GW2 to do well in both PvE and PvP we pride ourselves in finding the humour in our "derp” moments and being able to move on. At the end of the day we aim to harbor a cohesive community and enjoy ourselves in everything we do in and out of game together; life is far too short to be serious all the time.
We are an active and tenacious community that has successfully participated in a number of events, including:
• Guild social events (karaoke night, anyone?)
• Bi-weekly games nights while we wait for GW2, including but not limited to: TF2, DotA2, Tribes: Ascend, GW1, SWTOR
• Live streaming events, including a recent GW2 BWE event that was very successful and we're doing it again next BWE
• Many of our members produce videos for youtube, and we have our own guild channel to show off our accomplishments
During the BWE we managed to constantly operate in packs, smashing through DE bosses, and conquered 3/4 WvW maps before participating in capturing Stonemist and claimed it for our guild. We also had a good go at the level 30 dungeon, and succeeded in our efforts. After seeing how our members performed as a team in the BWE we have great hopes for what the future holds for Resonance as both a guild and a tight-knit gaming community.
Resonance is now nearing 130+ members strong and growing in numbers. We are looking for applications with personality, as we are growing more selective with our successful applicants. 
If you want more information visit our Recruitment Forums
If you're interested on what you've seen so far feel free to register and fill out an application. We welcome applications from anyone in an Australia/ NZ time zone, or anyone who might play during Australian active times.
If you wish to contact us about Alliance discussion, please send Nymaen a message via this forum, via Enjin, or fill out our Contact Us form.


  • taylor2144taylor2144 sydneyPosts: 64Member

    Sounds good! Been looking for some Anzac brotheren!

    Will be signing up

  • AnnarkeyAnnarkey SydneyPosts: 5Member

    We're currently sitting at 70 members with very active forums and voice chat. We have social gaming nights once per week and plan on hosting public BWE guild events in the future. We're still accepting applications, although looking for more exceptional personalities to add to the mix.

  • QuinsongQuinsong Doncaster EastPosts: 1Member

    Resonance is awesome, it's already active everyday since I joined a couple of weeks ago and I reckon it will be all the way till GW2 goes live and beyond. The community is fun, matured, and respectful of one another. Right now, everyone's jumping on Team Speak, bonding and getting to know each other while playing games like Tribes, Dota2, Team Fortress 2 and Guild Wars1. If you believe Guild Wars 2 is a game to play with friends, and that you're up for the ~challenge~ (*winks*) then write us an application - it would be fantastic to have a new member from the likes of us.

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