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New engine teaser video

JavafanJavafan BuchPosts: 45Member Uncommon

New engine showcasing...

AO Forums link -

Direct Youtube link -

And now on MMORPG as well :)


  • GeeTeeEffOhGeeTeeEffOh Newington, CTPosts: 731Member

    Holy "God Rays" Batman!

    Meh, it just looks like the old graphics with elements pasted in on top.

    Sorry, I am quite disappointed.

    It looks rushed.....HA, isnt' that irony?

  • JavafanJavafan BuchPosts: 45Member Uncommon

    Not that it looks rushed. The scenes are too short and jump too often making it harder to follow.

    Otherwise, with this teaser at least I have a inkling of hope again.

    Unfortunately, this wasn't a video but simply a teaser... I just hope we may get an actual video sooner.

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