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Future Timeline is one of the most fascinating websites.

TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,568Member Uncommon

It wasn't long ago that I wrote an article about how humans will eventually meld with machines and then eventually become extinct.    As we race faster ahead technologically we'll spend more time in virtual worlds and synthetic bodies(bodies so real you cannot tell them apart from a body produced the old fashioned way - the difference being that the synthetic body will be free of diseases, cancer, and easily repaired or replaced). is a great website that tries to look into a distant future based on what is happening now and the immediate future and then tries to expound upon the knowledge by looking at our past and how we have advanced to where we are today. 

Future Timeline  <<< clicky

Though there are a number of things at this website I take issues with, I think from the many other websites like it I have come across, this one takes you right to the end of the Universe itself.   ^_^

If we are to see possible timeline such as this occur, we as a human species will first have to throw of the rediculous notions of tribalism, religion, and nationality.  



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