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Age of Conan: Unchained: Interview and Live Tour of Dead Man's Hand

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 3,650MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Earlier today, we hosted a live-stream on our Twitch channel with Age of Conan: Unchained's Director Craig Morrison, designer Lidia Di Zazzo, and writer Joshua Alan Doetsch. The team walked us through the storytelling and repeatable game-play in Dead Man's Hand, one of the new areas added in Savage Coast of Turan expansion. We also talked about future updates, the changes to crafting, and just why working on Howard's world is such a refreshing change from the usual MMO fantasy fare.

Catch the full hour-long tour and interview right here on


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  • Mississauga, ONPosts: 912Member Uncommon

    Enjoyed watching the scenary. I loved AoC regardless of the start it had. One of the best gaming experiences when I was subbed because of what was available. The UNCHAINED version of AoC fails on so many levels though. It essentially forces you to sub to experience the game 100% and some of the cash shop items are way over priced.

    I tried it, spent money on larger inventory, then quickly realized I would not be able to truly enjoy the game as I had done in the past unless I subbed again. Shame really, the F2P version of AoC could have been done so much better had they taken a book out of LOTRO's or CO's or the soon to be F2P AION cash shops.

    GL to Funcom though. I never had any issue with the company and hope TSW has a smoother launch then AoC did. I also hope they wake up and allow players to be able to experience AoC fully without having to sub. It's essentially a trial to max lvl atm.

  • JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 2,208Member Uncommon

    well said Marz, my exact feelings for AoC.

  • Please hire someone to do your PR. You've taken an incredibly exciting area and half bored us to death.


    How about some trailers instead of people talking with a nearly still screen?

  • MickyBoozerMickyBoozer Portland, ORPosts: 7Member

    Take away reward and players don't actually seem to PVP simple for the enjoyment of it ." -Craig Morrison

    This mentality is why the pvp has been such a huge failure in Age of Conan, Craig doesn't like PvP. At no point EVER was effort put into improving fair and balanced skill based PvP after Craig took over the game. Shrines of Bori was designed to allow small groups to PVE FARM for pvp gear that is BETTER than gear you can get from actually pvping, just let that sink in for a second... you have to farm PvE resources for hundreds of hours while avoiding actual PvP to have the best PvP gear in the game.

    Over 3 years we have had ONE battleground map added to our options while they have developed four entire tiers of raid content and over twelve unique six man dungeons. Every class revamp has dumbed the game down to be less skill based and more gear based.

    The "CC Revamp" was nothing more then buffing Range class CCs and nerfing Mele class CCs so that even if you play better and perfectly execute your CC on a mele class the Range class will ALWAYS land his CC first even if he is slower then you.

    Hey Craig, tell us about the Ranger class some more, the only one you play. Tell us why you considered melee CC canceling an exploit, but Ranger combo molding Traps into their Damage combo cast bars is NOT an exploit? Please explain to me how Rangers combo molding CC is okay but melee combo canceling is not okay? Please explain how a instant cast 360* degree root or knockback that can be MOLDED INTO ANOTHER COMBO WITH ZERO ANIMATION is balanced, but you had to remove Barbarian stunning punch 2 from the game, even with a prestep added to it because it was "too strong". Tell us why your development team banned people from the test live forums for discussing issues with the ranger class during the trial phase of the CC revamp.

    Your Ranger pet class and your PvP dev's Gaurdian pet class revamps, followed by a CC revamp from Devs who DON'T EVEN PLAY Barbarian Conqueror or Bear Shaman cut your PvP population in half last year. You let rangers shoot through walls for 3 months... WHAT THE F***?

    So what did you guys do to fix this? (Besides actually admiting your mistakes and rebalancing the classes) You put out a "hardcore pvp ruleset" server. Is that really what happened though? Looking at it closely, you guys ALSO put out the f2p item store with that same patch though. You guys ALSO put PvP gear, AA experience, Faction Rep, and Skill Books for sale on all at the same time you launched this new server. The new pvp servers were cash cows to close the quarter out and pay for your MMO The Secret World and you know it. If you cared about creating world PvP you would have put the hardcore ruleset onto the existing PvP servers. Instead you wanted to sucker your long term PvPers into paying you more money because they were bored with your lack of content. Getting people to pay you more because they didn't recieve the service they paid for in the first place, truely a Devil's trick from a scumbag developer.

    The US servers' Pvp is on its deathbed now as a result of your short sighted actions these past two years. I know you are bad at Pvp and just don't get it, you never will. I know you have preasure on your from people holding the money, and being dishonest and manipulating your customers makes you look good to those snakes. You had an amazing core of a game that set the standard for melee combat in mmos, but were so damn clueless you didn't even know how to play it, much less develop content with meaning and balance that fit inside of it.

    -80 Barbarian, Conqueror, Bearshaman, Gaurdian, Ranger

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