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The Dark Rifts are live !

KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

Over on K-TERA the Nexus (Dark Rifts) finally went live last night. For those that didn't know BHS was having major problems with these as the servers would keep crashing whenever a monster invasion would happen.

The Nexus work now, but it is still very unoptimized, so I knows lots of people getting very bad frame rates while doing these. BHS has stated they will get this fixed asap.
(Yea for the Koreans being our Beta

The Nexus all have timers, they spawn every 2 hours from 2pm to 8 pm Korean time. If the Nexus are not taken out they will spawn monster invasions. But not to worry, the monster invasions and Nexus despawn after 1 hour.

There are currently 2 different kinds of Nexus. A Red Nexus has a super BAM. A Blue Nexus just has monster waves that you need to zerg down. There is also a number when you look at the Nexus, this will determine how difficult the Nexus is.

Looking at the map you can see the different Nexus that are spawning

The reward system for doing these Nexus is a reputation currency. The more you do them the more rep currency you get. Also there are daily quests as well.



There is a Nexus merchant which you can exchange your rep currency for gear. The gear is comparable to the T13 gear you get in the lvl 60 dungeons.


You can also use rep currency to buy green crystals which increase your pvp dmg.


Last you can buy mounts using rep currency, like the cool panther mount !


Steparu videos on the Nexus :

Socio videos on the Nexus :

As you can see TERA just became


All pictures come from Testimony of Aphotic that was posted on the official forums and the Aphotic website.


  • kileakkileak dallas, TXPosts: 31Member

    haha looks like a giant CF which just about every day one new open world content is for the first few hours/days...

  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by kileak
    haha looks like a giant CF which just about every day one new open world content is for the first few hours/days...

    Yea Koreans have been waiting for this content for months, as they have never seen this kind of content before. (Rift hasn't been released in Asia yet.)

    Corri from EU-TERA has posted a video, there is allot less people so it's less laggy.

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