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General: Four Tanks & a Healer Web Comic

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,955MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

A new cartoon that takes place inside an MMO has appeared online.  The show is called "Four Tanks and a Healer" and was created by Larry Longstreth under the guidance of "Lord of the Rings" producer Mark Ordesky.   The first two episodes are online the team is hoping to find investors/sponsors to help fund a full web-series.  When it's done, Longstreth plans to release the series on DVD.

Check out Episode 1:

Find out more about the production team on the page.


  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon

    I seem to remember this guy showing up on these boards some months ago promoting this comic. I enjoyed it and look forward to more.

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  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,621Member Epic

    We already saw these didn't we? And then it stopped.

  • khelbonkhelbon plaquemine, LAPosts: 102Member Uncommon

    Kinda enjoyed watching the comic.  Would watch newer ones for sure heh.



  • EladiEladi ArnhemPosts: 1,106Member Uncommon

    Predictable but fun, bound to fail as a product tho since the guy making it is already planning to DVD it (aka make money out of it) thats no bad idea on its own but thats not how you make a Internet product.

    Internet products and especially geek nerd and dork products like this need to self-sustain a whole season and gain popularity by Youtube / Facebook and the likes, While using those media to gain donations, Season two could then possibly be "invested" in and become a "real" product.

    wish them luck tho,its fun.


  • sakersaker harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,095Member Uncommon

    Especialy luved the first few minutes, it so had the feel of old EQ1 back in the day killing those damn rats!

  • lawsonmoonlawsonmoon Akron, OHPosts: 26Member

    Thanks a ton for posting this, MMORPG!    We're pretty confident we've got something special on our hands but need to get the word out and this helps big time!

    Eladi - We're doing a webseries first, THEN releasing on DVD.   

    More than just a fanboy.

  • Mississauga, ONPosts: 912Member Uncommon

    So funny cause it's so true. I'm only confused about the red bearded girl that looks like a guy, or is that a girl with a beard, so confused.

  • stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAPosts: 6,426Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Sovrath

    We already saw these didn't we? And then it stopped.

    Yep saw this like few months ago....then nothing.

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  • sirachsirach , PAPosts: 54Member Uncommon

    That was great. I look forward to more episodes. 

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,254Member Uncommon

    Yeah had a nice EQ1 feel to it, fun :)

  • kathykattkathykatt Red Bluff, CAPosts: 7Member

    LOL..loved it!! "Let's do this"   "Into the cave!!"  great fun!! More, please!!  :)

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