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Gems effect on WvWvW

TheTrueKingTheTrueKing San Antonio, TXPosts: 427Member

I've spent a few hours re reading and trying to analyse the blog about the microtransactions of the cash shop in GW2. I'm all for a cash shop unless it puts someone at an advantage.

Although it was stated that this is "not okay" I'm some how now a interested in how it will effect Dub v Dub. Why? If I can drop lets say $500 on the day of release and put all that into what I need to purchase blue prints and such for siege equipment, does this not give me an advantage over those who are not spending any money converting gems into gold? Did I miss something?

Do you think the ability to turn gems into gold will effect Dub v Dub? Aside from this I don't see it having that much of an impact in the PvP side of the game and I personally don't care how it impacts the PvE side since that doesn't give any advantage effecting others game play. Your thoughts?









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  • romanator0romanator0 Glendora, CAPosts: 2,382Member

    Gems don't give any advantage in WvWvW. It doesn't matter how many blueprints you can buy because you can't build anything if you don't have any supply. Even then blueprints require more supply than any one person can hold to build and there is nothing stopping other players from purchasing blueprints with the in-game gold they get from looting other players.


  • DJJazzyDJJazzy louisville, COPosts: 2,053Member Uncommon

    as romanator stated, you can only build and upgrade items and keeps with resources and supplies. The only way to gain those is to actually play the game.

    The only thing you can buy are blueprints for such items.

  • jmcdermottukjmcdermottuk LiverpoolPosts: 1,400Member Rare

    You may have a blueprint but you would still need to acquire the resources in game to actually build your seige engines.

    Anyone can get the blueprints for a "small amount of gold" according to Anet. There should be no need to buy a load of gems to get your blueprints.


    Effectively there is no impact on W v W v W at all

  • TheTrueKingTheTrueKing San Antonio, TXPosts: 427Member

    That is definitely good to read. Although from a few videos I saw blueprints are not cheap but that was based on a very short testing period earnings.

    if this is infact true then the ability to trade gems into gold wont have an impact giving anyone an advantage excluding making them rich to purchase things that really wont make that much of a difference...

    Not really much to complain about then if this is the case. >_< CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • NilenyaNilenya TMIPosts: 364Member Uncommon

    I doubt anyone would have enough in game currency gold to make good on your sale of gems in the auction house on the first day, even the first week of play. Nor would you be the only one trying to sell gems... the lack of free currency in the form of gold, and the less restricted rl currency enabling the purchase of gems, I can imagine you'd end up making a really bad trade off.


    The other reply is also spot on. It is not going to be gold restricting the building of siege engines/golems. 

  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,147Member Epic

    In this area it seems it's essentially just like EVE. As real cash can inflate the funds of those who have it to spend. In EVE a person can essentially fund their entire corppration in such a way. Many use it as an avenue to supply themselves with ships and outfittings. In the end it really just means that person simply ends up taking more risks and losing more ships. It doesn't ensure they're going to be on top as so many variables are at play in an ever changing emergent conflict.


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  • blognorgblognorg Roseburg, ORPosts: 643Member Uncommon

    I would say no. Here's why. W v W is a big playground; it would take much, much more than one, or even a few, people to sway the tides of battle Wolrd. PvP is a team effort. There is a possibility of an imbalance if everyone one one server has more money than everyone on another, but the overwhelming odds say that it will all balance out. Not only that, but the servers are going to get paired up with those with similar records, so even if hell freezes over and it becomes an issue, it won't be an problem for long before the system balances itself out. Honestly, I don't think that you need to worry about the gems affecting W v W.

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