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Wakfu: Our Official Wakfu F2P Review



  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon

    Wakfu and Dofus, couldnt they think of better names for their mmo?

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,916Member Legendary

    Originally posted by AliceKaye

    I personally would have reviewed this game as a pay to play game rather than a free to play game. The free to play, which they've labled "play for free" is nothing more than an unlimited (time-wise) trial.

    Also to touch on your cons, this is not marketted as a regular MMO. I'm happy that it lacks quests and "modern MMO convienences" for the most part, because it's supposed to be sandboxy. You're supposed to be making your own way through the game.

    The story could use a little work. They have the overall one with Ogrest but there's not much in the way of story there either.

    There aren't really any NPC's aside from the few you get professions from, so I guess the lack of story makes sense as you're supposed to sort of make your own story too. :P

    Regardless, I think it's a good game and for $6 a month, I really can't complain to awful much!

    Those cons and some of the other unique qualities are what attract me to the game.  That and the 2.5d graphics and game play which sort of look like they are inspired by jRPG platform style.  I'm not so interested in story or linear directed game play.  It's good to hear your feedback and perspective on this. Thanks for the info.

    Do you know if PvP is optional?  I really don't feel like doing pvp at this point and my main MMO (RIFT) has pvp if I want that (which I don't).

    Centuries ago, in primitive times, before the dawn of civilization, there were things that would be inconceivable to us today; such things as poverty, disease, violence, senility, and love.
  • ArbedeArbede Kepler - 22bPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    Play Ragnarok Online. Its still much better game.

  • antarekantarek gentillyPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    I ve seen a couple of people asking for more infos about the PvP aspect of Wakfu. So i ll try to explain a couple of stuff.

    In Wakfu you re free to attack any player. But there are many things that are supposed to "rule" the PvP aspect of the game. For exemple :

    Laws running your nation are set by the governor. So a governor can activate laws that ll affect PvP and ll impact on your citizenship score. For exemple attacking another citizen ll decrease your citizenship score by 10 points. And there are tons of other laws that can be activated to control PvP.

    Your citizenship score is important because according to it you ll get bonuses on stats, the ability to vote for people whiling to become governor, apply to become governor or even become a bandit, a guard or a soldier.

    Bandits are people that have a citizenship score below -50. You can spot them because of the bandit icon over their character. Attacking a bandit ll grant you 10 citizenship points if you defeat him.

    In addition there are guards and soldiers. To become a guard or a soldier you ll have to satisfy conditions. Guards are supposed to watch for bandits and protect citizens (so if someone try to PK you next to a guard he is supposed to help you if you aren't a bandit). They get buffs when fighting bandits. Soldiers are the main defensive and offensive force of your nation. Often, there are wars between nations. And they get buffs from helping attacking clan members from other nations or defending clan members of their nation.

    Also there are PvP objectives such as conquering neutral isles. Such places are important because they have rare monsters and drops.

    So, as you can see, there is a whole game system supposed to manage how PvP works in Wakfu. It's not just a stupid free PvP system with nothing behind it.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,916Member Legendary

    Thank you Antarek.

    Centuries ago, in primitive times, before the dawn of civilization, there were things that would be inconceivable to us today; such things as poverty, disease, violence, senility, and love.
  • CollaborCollabor Los Angeles, CAPosts: 37Member Uncommon

    Antarek made a good post, but one correction:

    governor's do set PvP laws, but these laws are in effect for 2 weeks (the same as their term in office). At any time during these 2 weeks, the governor can change the laws again (if the citizens demand it), but this will cost him citizen points.

  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 ManchesterPosts: 269Member Uncommon

    Antareks post has actually made me want to see more, player driven mecahnics like that can be really interesting when done right, ill grab a month sub and see where it goes.

  • yaminsuxyaminsux Posts: 973Member Uncommon

    All I can say is, if you want to do a review. Please review the whole content, not just the F2P part. Bad review IMO.

  • RaekonRaekon AugsburgPosts: 553Member

    The reviewer obviously never bothered either to get a quest from the npcs that had some as also never bothered to click on the number on its slot to make it pop up to the right side of its GUI.

    One can use ALL 4 skill slots that way which gives one plenty room.

    I'm playing in full HD and my screen is quite occupied on the sides, left side the achievements I have active at the moment (Quests), right down side the 3 further skills slots one over the other with each one holding a category/element of my spells/skills in battle AND my emotes and smilies when outside of the battle (you can switch through on click).

    Also you can right click on the heart that shows your remaining health to change the type of values you would like to see among other things.

    So the GUI is actually great, the political part is good, the crafting and all its professions are great and very addicting (unfortunately some professions still need tweaking so we can create something usefull).

    I agree that some limitations between f2p and p2p people shouldn't be there at all (as example: you can't party with p2p people when you are f2p).

    It's a fun game for casual and hardcore gamers cause it offers a lot and all its classes are unique.

    The round based battle system is great additionaly.

  • ButeoRegalisButeoRegalis Tijeras, NMPosts: 580Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by BillMurphy

    Considering the subscription price is only $6, and the fact that it is free to download and play... what makes if different from any other F2P hybrid?

    I found Adrian's review pretty spot on, personally. 


    If it's only $6 then why didn't he pay that to give us a review of the full game?

    As the game is described in its F2P version - pretty, lame story, lots of things locked out due to F2P, but it's oh-so-pretty - seeing a 7.8 as a score is puzzling.

    Taking the cake are statements like (paraphrased) "there are guilds you can create and join when you sub, but I don't know if you can get in as a F2P". In all of his play-time he never ran into anyone who was in a guild who he could ask?

    The review reminds me a little of my homework I did at 4am for the 8am class, when I didn't think using the my-dog-ate-my-work would fly for the third time that week. It's not badly written, it just appears very shallow.


  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon

    look, if there is 1 at all, it's the grahics that win over player's heart

    and probably the most casual player ever out there will love this game

    because the fact is, i agree that the graphics will never bore me, even if i am already 22 years old, it still is really beautiful


    but as other posters says, this game "Trial F2P" system is disappointing

    So What Now?

  • inalizinaliz minneapolis, MNPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    7.8 out of 10?

    What the heck, has the gaming community just plummeted? Square Enix, a company that has developed some of the best games of all time is just pumping and publishing absolutely broken games. Final Fantasy xiv and this game have a ton in common. Pretty looking games that are at the core flawed. Then we have all these review these people even play the game for a substantial enough time to review it? Wakfu is a mmorpg, this is you know that you must play a mmorpg at least for a week or to level 30 in full access mode to get any sort of grasp of the game fully. Or are they just told what rating they need to give a game depending on how much money the company pays them??

    I played wakfu a lot in beta. The spell xp system in the game is completely flawed. Basically to be the best you can be you spam 1-3 skills over and over and over. If you try to combo with other elements or level up situational spells your 1-3 working spells will fall behind and then you are gimped. Half of the classes abilities are completely useless to even level. The most overpowered way to place your skill points is in hit points. That's it, he who pumps the most hit points and spams 2 spells wins.

    It's a huge let down because the game does have great concepts but the devs fail to make simple changes to fix the game at it's core. It seems like square is just too big now and nobody even looks into the work they are involved with. The entire suggestions forum in beta was completely void of any dev responses whatsoever. Most frustrating game I tested in 12 years.

    This game should be a 9 out of 10 review game BUT because it is inherently broken at it's core and the devs refuse to fix it I give wakfu a


  • SwampRobSwampRob Halifax, NSPosts: 1,003Member Uncommon

    I've not played the game and nothing NUH-THING in the article makes me ever want to.    Graphics are, to me, the LEAST important part of a game.

    Also, you can have the most amazing game ever created and once you throw in non-consentual pvp, you couldn't pay me to play.

    A big pass from me.

  • inalizinaliz minneapolis, MNPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    Actually Rob the graphics aren't great it just has a nice art style. The best part about the game is that it's a really neat sandbox game. It has several original concepts and stays true to the sandbox element, there are no quest npc in the game. The only way to introduce money into the game is to create it through mining. Therefore the economy is completely player run and works decent, I like the system. To be honest with you if you don't like open pvp then this genre probably isn't for you anyways. AND although there is open pvp it isn't everywhere there are many parts of the world which you are completely safe. Also open pvp rarely even happens. I played 2-3 toons to 30+ and was never engaged in open pvp by anyone except myself.

    Character progression could have also been really great. Here's a major problem...The character progression system has a lot of complexity where you have the options to raise I want to say 18 different stats. Your spell system includes 3 trees which include I think 4 spells from each tree. The way that your spells level up is that at the end of combat the spells you used receive 10% of your combat xp distributedamongst them depending on several factors. So say if you decide to level up one spell and you get to level 30 and say "Wow this spell is terrible" you can't really go back. If you want to go back and level up another spell from 1 it will forever be far behind and you will be gimped. Also all those stats that you can raise you will soon find out to prove worthless and all you had to do was raise your hit point stat.

    With 200 level cap all these stats to level up depending on what you think will work and all these useless spells. There is no respec option. So basically you go on your merry way thinking the game is fun and you like the system until you get to around 30 and do a big double take. Pretty much everyone rerolls 3-4 times because of no respec and by then their interest is pretty dwindled.

    I realize that I have typed out pretty big posts here and it's far below so many won't even see it but I felt the need to actually give some serious information about the game since this review doesn't even scratch the surface of the actual game mechanics.

  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Fresno, CAPosts: 2,414Member

    Originally posted by inaliz

    To be honest with you if you don't like open pvp then this genre probably isn't for you anyways.

    And which genre would that be? Because you sure as hell don't mean mmorpgs.

    -Letting Derek Smart work on your game is like letting Osama bin Laden work in the White House. Something will burn.-
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  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,916Member Legendary

    Originally posted by eyeswideopen

    Originally posted by inaliz

    To be honest with you if you don't like open pvp then this genre probably isn't for you anyways.

    And which genre would that be? Because you sure as hell don't mean mmorpgs.

    I agree with you.  Sandbox doesn't mean open pvp and open pvp doesn't mean sandbox.  The two are neither mutually inclusive or exclusive.


    The entire game appeals to me except the pvp.  It sounds like they did do pvp in a cool way, but I just don't want to do that in a game right now.  I also appreciate the responses of the players (who actually play the game) that took the time to explain how it works.  Thank you.  Knowing and making smart choices is half the battle.

    Centuries ago, in primitive times, before the dawn of civilization, there were things that would be inconceivable to us today; such things as poverty, disease, violence, senility, and love.
  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint WatfordPosts: 74Member

    I played Dofus and probably would have subscribed at least for a month or 2 if they had given us just a little more free content to explore the game with. Sounds like they've done that with Wakfu.

    High innovation score is justified by having a playable race of cats who like to gamble. Fuck Pandas, they too stupid to even breed so why would developers include them as a "race"?

    Topcat was the man when I was growing up, the only cartoon sending out the right message. Crime pays.


  • avaliceheartavaliceheart Los Angeles, CAPosts: 24Member

    It looks cute, i actually saw the trailer at E3, but it seemed boring compared to all the other trailers they were playing.

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