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Banned for no reason, lost items for no reason =o(

SholeenakSholeenak Kamloops, BCPosts: 3Member

My char, 2 of my husbands chars, our friends and family we talked into playing this game, it all happened to them as well.  We found that if you do not invest real cash into the game there really is no help to be had on any level. 


By the way all of our chars were level 100, our banks were full of gold, leet equipment when this happened.



  • CognitoCognito ManchesterPosts: 198Member

    if you do not invest in the cash shop it is close to impossible to have "a bank full of gold, and 'leet' equipment" in this game...

    just sayin...

    Put through the personal paces of my crippled fingers.

  • Void425Void425 Lake Stevens, WAPosts: 157Member Uncommon

    The topic says you were banned for no reason.  Apparently you were banned becuase they wanted to ban you for not investing money in the game.  They probably had another reason also.  If you could give them one good reason they should keep you around when they are not making money off you, they might reconsider.

  • CognitoCognito ManchesterPosts: 198Member

    That is seriously no reason to ban someone on a "F2P - "P2W" game. You should also no have to give them a reason to "reconsider"...  the game is given away pretty much...

    Put through the personal paces of my crippled fingers.

  • SholeenakSholeenak Kamloops, BCPosts: 3Member

    what I mean in "real cash" is only in the hundreds, not in the thousands.  My husbands char was lvl 110, mine was 104, my sons was lvl 100, both our friends were lvl 109 and 110.  I can't recall the other chars lvl's, but there were past the lvl 100 mark as well. 

  • CognitoCognito ManchesterPosts: 198Member


    Put through the personal paces of my crippled fingers.

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