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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Endgame Fashion Shows



  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaaceMember Posts: 2,760 Uncommon

    Yeah, endgame gear is pretty darn rediculous. I never asked for the over the top armor that doesn't even look like it belongs in the game. Couldn't they have shown off the art concepts and let us vote on the best one? Thank goodness some games have an appearance option.

  • NBlitzNBlitz ZwolleMember Posts: 1,904

    Isn't Star Wars very difficult to design armour for, in an MMO setting? Because they're limited in what they can and cannot do.

  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 1,748 Uncommon

    I actually like most of it, not a big fan of the agent one, but the sorc looks sweet.

  • CavodCavod Brookfield, WIMember Posts: 295

    [quote]I still found myself just as perplexed by the some of the designs found in this latest lineup as I was when I first saw the launch set. Who are the people that actually like this stuff? [/quote]you and me both

    We really need separate forums for every newly launched game. There can be the anti-<MMO> one and there can be the 'what general discussion should be' one. All the lamenting can happen together where each can find solace in like minded can't-move-on-ers leaving the rest of us to actually move forward and discuss meaningful and relevant topics.

  • Whiskey_SamWhiskey_Sam Lynchburg, VAMember Posts: 323 Uncommon

    Evidently the design team has never heard of form follows function.  Most of the crap they're coming up with not only looks bad aesthetically, but it would also be a hinderance in actual combat.  I'm also now convinced none of them have ever seen Star Wars.

    Have flask; will travel.

  • McGamerMcGamer C.S.T., USAMember Posts: 1,019 Uncommon

    "Hue to chest color" is hardly call for a fashion show. Just one more lame excuse for content that Bioware is trying to pawn off.

  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Fresno, CAMember Posts: 2,414

    Originally posted by NBlitz

    Isn't Star Wars very difficult to design armour for, in an MMO setting? Because they're limited in what they can and cannot do.

    No. SWToR takes place in the EU.

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  • AldersAlders Jack Burton'sMember Posts: 2,095 Uncommon

    I like how the JK armor went from me looking like a samurai/trooper combo to me looking like a firefighter.

    Was beyond ugly before to "we give up, here you go".

  • CujoSWAoACujoSWAoA Nooo, AKMember Posts: 1,781 Uncommon

    One of the worst Star Wars games ever made.  This is one of the shining reasons why.

  • ZekiahZekiah Member Posts: 2,483 Uncommon

    Wut, no high heels in Star WoWs? Pfft...

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  • GorillaGorilla Member Posts: 2,231 Uncommon

    Originally posted by Zekiah

    Wut, no high heels in Star WoWs? Pfft...

    No high heels, no high res textures. Camel toe is where it's at in swtor ( even for the guys which is spooky).

  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVMember Posts: 1,096 Common

    LOFL ; Endgame Fashion Show

    A video featuring SWTOR armor needs to be put to a version of this song

    "and I do my little turn in Huttball, yeah in Huttball, I shake my little tush in Huttball"

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  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAMember Posts: 789 Uncommon

    Originally posted by RefMinor

    Is anyone going to do a Star Wars mod for the game?



  • KonfessKonfess Dallas, TXMember Posts: 1,360 Uncommon

    Michael Bitton, the exact same way you feel about the Armour Sets, is how I feel about the Structural and Technical design artwork.  Look at your phone, monitor, or iPad.  Then look at the walls in the Sith Acadamy, and realize how Tacky this game really is.  Imagine an iPad in the swtor art style or any piece of modern technology.  Would you buy it?  Not as a SW collectatble, but as a new product at CES.

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    As if it could exist, without being payed for.
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  • Phaze7Phaze7 Dracut, MAMember Posts: 93

    Originally posted by Ryukan

    Bioware has the worst sort of failed fashion designer school dropouts ever doing the armor/costume designs for SWTOR.
    The armor/costume designers should be REQUIRED to submit any new designs to the community for majority approval before even thinking of putting them in the game...period.
    The endgame armor is the WORST, the existing stuff and the upcoming stuff. How does this stuff get appoved? Is there no one on the staff that steps up and says, "hey, these designs suck and the community is going to tell you this by large."
    My interest in SWTOR has been dwindling lately and I was trying to get myself a bit more pysched up for 1.2, but the more they reveal the more "meh" I feel about it. Between the overwhelming amount of unnecessary class changes (already?FFS), the awful end game gear and the overall underwhelming and uninteresting Legacy fluff crap I am just not feeling it any more.

    These Devs can't find the formula for class balance and in less than 6 months have already changed class dynamics in amajor way and now this fashion debacle.

    Example: Tracer missle is tied into so many talents in the arsenal tree that they just completely screwed that spec as well as the healing spec thus ther eis only pyro left and thats nerfed too. (Or is it)

    Sorc/ instead of an in depth examination of CC related abilties that would of brought them more in line with other classes they change wrath mechanics etc.

    Once again these Devs have no idea what to do about world pvp so Ilum is defunct and we get a red carpet preview of the worst class armor designs imaginable.

    I would rather be the Emperor who wore no clothes than look like Crusty the Clown.

    Good job Bioware hiring these out of touch bafoons to further push the nail in your coffin.

    This game has no true direction and the game altering class changes are the biggest proof, and now this total BS waved in our faces to make us forget how bad this game has become.

  • OSF8759OSF8759 Riverside, CAMember Posts: 284

    The phenomenon has even struck the gear-free game City of Heroes. The game has no gear, yet they still have gaudy endgame armor. No, I don't know why.


  • mactographymactography drumnadrochitMember Posts: 16

    All SWTOR armour looks like its made from rubbery fabric or plastic.No real texture mapping or effort involved.Just everything made from rubber.Shoddy artwork tbh .


  • CambruinCambruin DeurneMember Posts: 33 Uncommon

    What I fail to understand is why they refuse to introduce a simple feature like a cosmetic tab. I'm playing LotRO mainly because of that. I left WoW, exactly because of that. And guess what; gameplay-wise I'm convinced WoW appeals to me more, yet my money's going to Turbine and it has been for the past 2 years. That money could've been Blizzard's.


    Just look at the many LotRO Cosmetic Blogs, or the Cosmetic threads in each of it's class forums. Cosmetics are to LotRO what addons are for World of Warcraft. Cosmetics are what mods are to the Elder Scrols. Instead of adding yet again a warzone, operation or flashpoint; add an entirely new feature which has been requested ever since early beta stages!


    I'll share some LotRO cosmetic blogs to show just how powerfull such a simple feature could be. Imagine the possibilities if SWtOR were to offer this;

    And these are just a few...

  • ElikalElikal ValhallaMember Posts: 7,912 Uncommon


    I really don't know why it is so difficult for western MMOs to make gear that is both stylish and NOT extravagganza as if you were going to a carnival or Halloween party! Most gear is so outrageously bad, I really, really wonder what kind of person designs this and actually feels THAT is something a gamer sees and thinks "Oh this is cool, I want that too!"

    Bad fashion sense of MMO developers is one of the remaining features of MMOs, alas. Well, WOW and SWTOR have *some* good gear, strangely the low level gear looks usually better. LOTRO has relatively decend gear. I mean, WOW is all cartoonish, so it doesn't matter so much, it is ridiculous anyway. But SWTOR... I just don't get who the heck can like that kind of endgame gear they made for most classes. I really don't get it.

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  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVMember Posts: 1,096 Common

    Originally posted by Elikal  I really, really wonder what kind of person designs this and actually feels THAT is something a gamer sees and thinks "Oh this is cool, I want that too!"


    This guy

    And Her

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  • goemoegoemoe HannoverMember Posts: 201 Uncommon

    The endgame gear looks ridiculous und not only the endgame gear. The designer of this stuff should be forced to wear this stuff in reallife for at least a month and then think about it. *thumbsdown*

  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDMember Posts: 19,608 Epic

    I wish more companies would have taken a look at gear/appearance in post NGE SWG (after the appearance tab addition); and in turn had done something with that. Being able to look how you want with such a vast array of styles, was almost limitless in potential. Be it decked out in armor or lazily casual it all worked no matter what approach you took.

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  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaaceMember Posts: 2,760 Uncommon

    Or atleast be required to RP the class they are designing the armor for for a day and ask themselves "would I wear this?" :)

  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonMember Posts: 1,536 Uncommon

    I'm waiting for DUST now. I trust CCP to have the right vision.

  • MiatoMiato The Beach, FLMember Posts: 1

    The next warfront should be a runway walkoff.

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