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Wizardry online

narakuunarakuu stockholmMember Posts: 348

So, I heard about this on here somewhere last year october I believe.

Which is when most sites cease their information as far as this game goes, now naturally that would probably mean that there just isnt very much information that has been added in regard to the release of this game outside of asia.

Though as someone who actually really wants to play this and thought that there is no way it wouldnt have gotten out by now... I wanted to ask if anyone is playing it? What is your thoughts on it in that case?


  • MosesZDMosesZD Kirkwood, MOMember Posts: 1,383 Common

    It's still not in the US or Europe.    It's supposed to be released this year though.

  • redcap036redcap036 AdelaideMember Posts: 1,226 Uncommon

    I'm very much looking forwards to this game, here's a link if your looking for one;

  • narakuunarakuu stockholmMember Posts: 348

    Yeah I figured as much, tried to find additional information that is current but doesnt seem to be any other then the couple of things you can find with a quick search.

    Looks fun from the japanese videos that are on youtube, nothing groundbreaking but interesting nonetheless for the fact of it having permadeath.

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