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Glitch Invites Thread



  • magro28magro28 ZackakakaPosts: 1Member

    Hey I'm looking for an invite too! If someone would be so great and invite me I will share my invites too.


  • ecstasyyecstasyy Fresno, CAPosts: 1Member


    Invite pretty please :)

  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Lazarus71

    sent one to Tricky, jdlam and Nith. Blue had a brainfart and skipped you, will send you one when I get another invite.

    Thanks a bunch - gonna get started now - much appreciated!


  • Amanita1Amanita1 GdanskPosts: 1Member

    Hello, could someone send me an invite? :)

    My e-mail:

  • no_meno_me SPbPosts: 1Member

    pls if u have sm invites gimme one at

    and for my friend

  • GoddwynnGoddwynn SB, NJPosts: 49Member

    Would like an invite please.



    Thank you

  • maireadremaireadre Mt. Pleasant, MIPosts: 1Member

    Hi I've been wanting an invite to Glitch for some time. If someone has a spare please email an invite. Thanks very much!


  • ArturiusArturius medford, MAPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    been looking into Glitch and im interested to try it out... I would love an invite if there are any out there.  THANKS IN ADVANCE!



  • miraisekaimiraisekai berlinPosts: 1Member

    Hey, could someone send me an invite? I would be so grateful!

    my mail:

  • omnikaomnika Miami, FLPosts: 1Member

    Hi, I have been interested in trying this game for a few months now and I signed up at their website but I have never gotten an invite. If anyone with a spare invite could send me one, I'd appreciate it tons, and of course pay it forward and give out my invites too. :)


  • JynnaJynna GentPosts: 1Member


    I would really like to try glitch as well, as would my friend. It looks awesome!

    i will come back here and give out my invites to other eager gamers!

    our email addresses are:



    Thanks in advance!

  • MrMacchiatoMrMacchiato MakatiPosts: 1Member

    Hey guys, been waiting quite a while for this game too, and I'd really like to try it out :) Of course, I'll be passin on the love to people here who have been just as eager to play it. If anyone has any to spare, that'd be awesome!

    My email:

  • shayneforushayneforu Reeds Spring, MOPosts: 69Member

    If someone happens to have a spare invite I would love to try out this unusual gem

    thanks in advance either way



  • JojinJojin Jacksonville, FLPosts: 120Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by shayneforu

    If someone happens to have a spare invite I would love to try out this unusual gem
    thanks in advance either way

    Invite sent.

  • EladiEladi ArnhemPosts: 1,106Member Uncommon

    Would be cool to se if Glitch is glitching or simply awesome. so if anyone got a spare sent it will you :)

  • ChiichanChiichan SingaporePosts: 1Member

    Do not need anymore invites, thanks!

  • flatpickerflatpicker LR, ARPosts: 3Member


    I'm also looking for a Glitch invite.  


    My email is:


    Feel free to also send me  a Diablo III beta key.  haha, funny joke eh?


    As always.  I'll share my own invites with members within this thread :)

  • adoxadox BarcelonaPosts: 4Member
    Hi, would love to try it,
    my email:

    Thank you
  • SmigmaliusSmigmalius salt lake city, UTPosts: 1Member

    hey there!  if anyone has an invite i would love one.  will make sure to share the love in this thread!  my email is

    ♥ jaimee

  • LuxatriaLuxatria St. Louis, MOPosts: 25Member

    I would love an invite if anyone has one to give.

    Thank you!!

  • hippo177hippo177 Sparks, NVPosts: 1Member

    I'd love an invite if anyone has one to spare.

  • ottomatic420ottomatic420 Pandora, OHPosts: 1Member

    Like everyone else, looking for an invite for this very interesting looking game!  Will be sure to share the wealth of invites when I get my chance.  :)

    My email is:

    Thanks in advance! 

  • SulaSula TamperePosts: 17Member

    I could also use an invite if anyone can spare one, I've been in the queue for a few months now and I'm starting to lose hope...

  • ShariShari WolverhamptonPosts: 743Member Uncommon

    Would be nice to get an invite if one is going spare.


  • K-ticeK-tice PraguePosts: 1Member

    Anybody got a spare one? I'll make sure to share mine, when I get an account.

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