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General: The Referral Scroll of Ding!



  • balduranbgbalduranbg SofiaPosts: 23Member

    Looks like Blizzard is giving up on the levelling content and trying to focus people on the most boring and streamlined expansion ever. I used to be hardcore raider until everything seemed repeatable enough to ignore raiding and endgame altogether. During my last months in WoW the only thing I found enjoyable was PvP and levelling new characters. So what use is levelling to 80 to me, when it will just offer me to skip the thing I would potentially be looking forward to in an aging MMO?

    I am sorry but to me the buffed up resurrection scroll is just a cry for publicity, which will eventually backfire (though it is debatable whether at this point there is any form of bad publicity for WoW in a year when so many new MMOs are coming out). Most people do not care about endgame. It's high time developers realise that. We can't stay kids forever and do the same mindless dungeon grind. Some of us grow into people with jobs and personal responsibilities which do not co-exist well with a gameplay style focus on endgame. We abandon games for that reason and our attention tends to only be grabbed by titles which allow us to get a quick "fix"and log out to make dinner for the kids (yeah, sorry, but this is in fact the majority of nowadays' gamers).

    And don't get me started on what the new Scroll of Resurrection is doing with the current WoW population. I just got a resurrection invite from somebody whom I don't even know and that I ran 2 dungeons with on an alt 5 months ago. Sad day when people send invites left and right just for a shiny mount. I've no idea how exactly a scroll is sent to an inactive player, but there is no way that person knew my email address or account details, as I was not even using the Real ID feature.


  • ChromeBallzChromeBallz Posts: 334Member Uncommon

    You know, the problem is that levelling is boring, not that you can get to 80 instantly.

    Levelling should not be an end in of itself... It's been reduced to 'something you have to do to get to the endgame' :(

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