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F2P trading game

HuwtroskyHuwtrosky NotsayingMember Posts: 9

Just tried UWO and I'm really enjoying it but I'd prefer a trading game where it is just one interface (browser) so I can just buy and sell stuff. Anybody recommend one? I'm thinking something like Runescape's Grand Exchange except with just the GE trading.

Thanks :)



  • brutotalbrutotal whereverMember Posts: 276

    Eve, althought not browser based I know quite a few people spend 80% of their time online trading, 19% bragging about being rich and 1% trying pvp but getting bored. 


    You use to be able to turn the background into something completely static while docked but ccp removed that and now the best you can do is have a movable rendered ship in the background.


  • AvsRock21AvsRock21 Denver, COMember Posts: 256 Uncommon

    Pirates of the Burning Sea.  Has regional markets similar to EvE.  But PotBS is F2P.  You don't have to do any combat, you can just do economy stuff if you want.  You will need to haul your goods around to different ports, so there will be some sailing.  But you don't have to do any combat if you don't want to.

  • HuwtroskyHuwtrosky NotsayingMember Posts: 9
    EvE is P2P so that wouldn't be viable. I've heard of PotBS and it sounds good but is there any other games?


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